The Importance of Acknowledging Gratitude

Why gratitude and consciously making a point to acknowledge it is important:


1.) It makes us focus and be aware of the positive in our lives. We all have good & bad. Too many of us too often let the bad take over and weigh us down. It’s so often so easy to get caught up in the stress and negative of life. So consciously and intentionally making a list of the positives and even negatives that we are grateful for can train our minds to live gratitude as a way of life and it will seep into our beings unconsciously as well. The list can me mental but it’s great to write it down


2.) It can transform your bad or negative point of view into a positive perspective: If you have come across a difficult person, you can be thankful you are not that person or like that person and focus on what that person can unintentionally or unknowingly teach you. We all have lessons and things we can teach each other. If your job sucks, you can focus more on the fact that you have a job! If your kids are causing you stress, you can dwell more on the great love you feel for them anyway….


3.) Negatives can remind you of how well off you actually are even when you may not feel that you are doing well or have many blessings:

Is your job stressful? At least you have one until you can focus on getting a new and better one. Too many bills? At least you have a house, phone, internet, shelter….. Arguing with a friend or lover or family member? At least you have a person in your life that you are close to. It may not always be easy but still worth it! 


4.) Acknowledging your blessings in a positive way can make you act more positively:

When you live in gratitude, it makes sense that you’ll be happier and more pleasant in general. And you’ll treat others pleasantly.


My suggestions:

<3. Have a gratitude session or meditation when you wake up to think of everything and everyone you are thankful for.

<3. Thank people personally when they do good for you. Thank Your friends, family, strangers, anyone. You can say it in person or text, message, e-mail, or call. No matter how small the act of kindness is, it deserves a thank you. ❤

<3. Have a gratitude journal where you frequently list things you are grateful for.

<3. Always make an attempt to see the positive even in negative situations or events and then giver thanks for it.

<3. Be thankful everyday all year, not just on the holiday.


I am very open to other people’s ideas so please if you have any to add, let me know!  

Thank you so much for reading! 😀 ❤

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