Make it a point to Smile :-) :-D <3




Image.  .  Hello darlings! Today I am making it a point to make a big leap to consciously look for the good in the day and things! Many, many days, the positive aspects jump out at me with ease and not much work is needed. But today is not really one of those days. I am feeling physically unwell, getting over the worst cold of my life and struggling with the consequences of severe lack of sleep, some mild tmjd issues, and extreme heat of 105 degrees I think and it’s taking somewhat of a toll on my mind as well. In my house and at my workplace the air conditioners feel more like broken fans and sometimes even blow hot air out. Yuck! I won’t say I’m exactly uninspired but it’s a little bit harder for me today to feel the positive. The negative is tugging at me BUT I will definitely make it a point to not succumb and to go out of my way LOOKING for and listing the positives and good in today.

Earlier today I was acting like literally a spoiled little brat. Worse than a bratty young teenager, I was kind of acting like a restless three year old toddler because of a disagreement with my dad. I was refusing to eat anything because of my anger.

Then it hit me how I was being and my negative emotions started to melt away and amusement started to creep in and I found myself laughing at myself. A 26 year old acting like a 3 year old! 😉

Now I’m at work for an 8 hour shift which isn’t bad but the heat is oh so scorching and completely uncomfortable.

   I decided to train my brain to look for and focus on the positive aspects of the day and to look for the greatness surrounding me today.

1.) I had a disagreement with my dad BUT at least I have a daddy who I usually always get along with.

2.) It’s so hot today BUT at least I have shelter and cooler weather will be here soon enough.

3.) I got very little sleep last night because of the heat BUT as I said at least it will be cooler and I can get more sleep.

4.) I have a headache and some tmj pain BUT at least it’s not unbearable or even bordering on severe. It’s uncomfortable but mild.

5.) I’m physically un-well BUT at least it’s ending and not just beginning.

Some other positives

❤ I’m sitting here enjoying the daylight and breeze softly blowing the trees, there’s stunningly beautiful deep pink flowers with vibrant green leaves in the distance outside my work window, I have my phone, friendly smiles…. 

It truly helps to look for the positive sparkling amidst the darkness. ❤ 🙂

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