Coping with pain

Hello darlings! I have recently been struggling with severe, crippling pain and sickness feeling in the back. It’s nothing new; I usually have been getting them every couple of months.

Remember you’re never completely alone with your pain. There are others who know exactly what it’s like to have to handle chronic/severe

At one point my physical agony was so intense I went into a state of panic and had no idea what to do with myself.

I jumped in and out of bed for no reason and just ripped my clothes off! Lol. Now when I think about it I am amused.

Today I am so much better.

I am so grateful that this ordeal is over. It made me not want to do much of anything. I lost much of my desire and really just wanted to sleep or lay around. But now I’m back and things are so much better.

Some things that helped me see it through are:

A Pain Relief meditation by

They have lots of free and great meditation mp3’s. Very soothing and helpful to calm and relax the body & mind.

Staying positive. I kept telling myself the pain will not always be this bad and will eventually ease and I tried to keep my thoughts positive, although it was very hard at some points. Reading positive and uplifting quotes on Jonathan Lockwood Huie’s page:

Helped me a lot.

Physical Movement-It was really hard but moving like walking helped handle the pain. It seemed like staying in one position too long made my pain worse when I would get up.

Laughing/Amusement: Although it hurt to laugh, the laughter helped me in general. Funny pictures, jokes, Facebook pages….all helped lighten my pain.

Music: soothing and positive music helped me as well


I hope everyone struggling with any kind of physical or emotional pain can find some comfort and coping mechanisms. I have some plans for making this blog a little bit more entertaining. I don’t know much about html stuff but I have some good content planned for entries.

πŸ™‚ ❀

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