repost: live every day as a thank you

I believe gratitude should be felt, practiced, expressed (in any way), and celebrated all year long. Not just during the holiday season or holiday. And not just when a big special event occurs. But all year, every day, every waking moment.

This is definitely easier to say and write than put into practice. Even the most happiest and grateful people usually find some moments where actively practicing or expressing gratitude is just undesirable, maybe even seemingly impossible and just too much to ask for. 

How can you feel gratitude when you’re depressed? Or sick? Or in the midst of tragedy or an extremely stressful event? Or even during a simple “bad day”?

There are various ways to feel it even during those occasions but it will be hard. But very worth it! ❤

It takes practice. Many of us have moments where gratitude comes easy and most of us have moments where gratitude never even crosses our minds even when those moments are good and amazing. While we are appreciating the moment, we forget to actually stop and consciously allow gratitude to sink in and overflow throughout our being, and let it bubble in our very essence. 

If you allow yourself to do this every single day all throughout the day for both simple and small things as well as big things, it will be easier to feel and express gratitude even when sickness falls over us and we are struck by tragedy.

During the holiday season people preach about thankfulness over and over and over again but how soon we forget when the season ends and the holiday festivities are over until next year. As if every day, every season is not worth a thank you. Or not a blessing. Why not let the cheer go on all year long right into the next year and beyond?

:-D. I think that’s a good idea.

Gratitude lists and journals are the way to go!

Make a list of at least five things you are thankful for everyday! Big and small things alike!

And make mental lists throughout the day!

Get into the positive habit of seeking and finding things that are worthy of your gratitude. That is extremely easy because just about everything deserves a “thank you”. 

I hope everyone has a beautiful day/night and blessings to you all. ❤ 😀


P.s. In the picture above, I’m wearing my cornucopia heart necklace which is sterling silver and a symbol of gratitude and abundance. ❤Image

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