Be True to Yourself (old post) <3

I wrote this and posted this on Facebook in my notes section three years ago. But it still applies today and always will. So I’m copying it and pasting it here in hopes that it will help someone in need. ❤

Always, always be true to yourself!! 


We always hear that we should treat other people as we would want to be treated or for the most part as we treat ourselves. That’s good. But I was thinking for the most part if you are a generally good person and treat other people good, you should treat yourself good too. Treat yourself like you treat them. You are no less of a person than anyone else. If you don’t judge people too much then don’t judge yourself so much. If you don’t negatively judge other people by the way they look it doesn’t make sense to do that to yourself.

If you lose your job or don’t get the job you want, if you are rejected by someone or don’t get accepted to the school or program you want or if you’re not as thin or pretty as you would like to be you may feel like calling yourself negative things or maybe even like killing yourself or like you deserve to feel pain. 

But imagine if someone you know lost a job or was rejected or isn’t thin or pretty. Would you say that person deserves to be called negative things; would you vilify or want to kill that person? Most likely not. Now you see how ridiculous that sounds.

Too often many of us treat ourselves less than or worse than we treat other people and it don’t make any sense. Think about it. You’re a person just like everyone else so you should treat yourself like it by thinking about positive things about yourself and not saying nothing but negative things about yourself especially if they’re not really true.

It’s ok to think about and acknowledge negative things about yourself if they’re really true but not obsess over them and dwell on them.

Whenever you think negative things about yourself, tell yourself a couple good things about you. If you can’t think of any, make something up that you would like to become and keep telling yourself it OR message me and if I know you personally I’ll tell you something good about you. And if I don’t know you personally hopefully you have a detailed profile that I can detect some things out of. There is something good about you, you just think there isn’t. Keep telling yourself positive things about yourself and you may come to believe it.

If ever you want to vent or have self-esteem problems just come to me. Message me and I’ll try to help you. If you want to vent or complain about anything and have no where to just use my wall or inbox even if you don’t really know me. I really won’t mind.

And I was also thinking about selfishness and where to draw the line. It’s not good to constantly be a person who ALWAYS puts yourself before everyone else but occasionally it is healthy to put yourself first, to do you and forget everyone else. 

Like I said you are a person like every other person and on some occasions you have to put yourself first and do what you want or have to to be happy or healthy.

And you may feel guilty which is not justified. You should not always put yourself first that’s true but you should not always put everyone else first either. No matter how much you like or love them or no matter how guilty they make you feel.

If people are constantly asking you to do stuff for them and you always do it’s ok to say no occasionally and not feel guilty even if they try to make you feel that way. Just remember you’re a person like them and have to occasionally come first or say no.

I was hospitalized before for Clinical Depression and in the hospital they told us to find our inner sun and let it shine through. And to take care of ourselves and occasionally put ourselves first even if it makes other people angry or hurt emotionally. And I believe that’s true. Some days you just have to do you. Thinking like this helps me and I hope it helps anyone who may read this and needs help. 

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    • Thank You so much!! I really appreciate that!! That really says a lot!! I don’t frequently comment a lot either even when I really love something; I just “like” & share it. Thanks again!! 😀

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