Sharing is Caring <3

<ssharingelphia-20130110-04045trong>Just a thought of mine on sharing personal stories of pain and strength & perseverance with people.
I believe sharing stories of pain is a good thing. One reason is it is potentially healing for both the speaker and listener. And people can get positive feedback and different kinds of support/help. Some people claim that sharing personal stories of pain is done out of desire for sympathy & wanting attention and a sign of weakness and drama-loving. This is not always true in the sense that they claim. Anyone who talks wants attention, the attention of the listener or person being talked to. We all do things for attention in that sense so it’s true in that way.
But not everyone who shares personal struggles is doing that for extra attention just to get people to feel sorry and “fall all over them” or have drama. It helps to express pain & sorrow. It helps the person expressing it and it even has the potential to help the listener. Hearing other people stories can inspire us and let people know they aren’t alone and help people get new ideas of things that may help them.
I have heard of debates with medical doctors as well as psychotherapists and counselors. Should they share their own pain and personal struggles with patients? People often disagree on this topic. Since I’m not a doctor or therapist of any kind I may be over stepping my boundaries in some way but I am a patient and someone who thinks so I guess I’m somewhat qualified to answer that! Lol ๐Ÿ˜‰
I believe it’s definitely ok and helpful for doctors/therapists to share their own pain or stories to a certain degree. Of course if you’re a health professional of any kind you don’t want to take over the entire session and turn it all on you but sharing a brief story or comment is very helpful to certain people. I guess you have to use your intuition and certain signs the people display to tell you what patients may benefit and which ones likely will not. But doctors/therapists are people too and have their own struggles and pain and it’s ok to talk about it and express it.
So, no, not everyone who expresses pain is an attention seeker in the way people are saying. And anyway, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little bit of sympathy & understanding for true problems and pain; it helps with healing & recovery for both mental and physical conditions. It can be helpful. We just should not create or make up pain & problems just for sympathy.
Peer specialists are people who are certified in helping others who struggle with some of the same mental health conditions/addictions as they have struggled with at one point. They are people in recovery who are doing well and now have a strong desire and are specially qualified to help others who are in a place similar to the place they were once in. They are required to share their own pain & struggles in a special way that can benefit their peers.
I am currently attempting to become a certified peer specialist. I have to get accepted into the training to become certified and then apply for a job with the new qualifications and certificate.
I have filled out an application and got a recommendation letter and my resume! I think the only thing that would make me not get accepted is the fact that I don’t have much work experience in the area of mental health but I’m going to try anyway to get accepted and be optimistic and hopeful!!
I am very open to listening to other people’s problems.

Sharing is caring!!! โค โค โค

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