If you really knew me…<3

So this is a blogging trend and I decided to do my own.

It’s just random facts and things that people may or may not know about me! Maybe you’ll find them interesting, maybe not. Maybe they are useless, maybe pointless, or maybe fascinating! Yay! Lol 😉


So if you really knew me..



You would know that I’m a makeup junkie and love getting dolled up at all hours of the day or night. Sometimes I don’t put my makeup on until late at night just before retiring to bed just because I feel like it. Or I wash off my makeup that is already on and go for a different look. Lol. Sometimes I straighten my hair before bed even though I’m only going to get a shower in the morning and it will go right back to it’s extra wavy, sometimes almost lightly curly self! And I prance around in 5 inch stilettos in my house sometimes at midnight and put on dresses. Yeah, don’t ask…. 😉


You would know that I am a self-help/inspiration junkie who loves self-help books, blogs, websites, articles, whatever I can find and I can find inspiration in just about anything. And want to teach the world all I can. ❤


You would know that I am extremely simple but not dull.

Girls are often known for being complicated or complex and somewhat hard to figure out. But not me! 😉 And while I have a rich inner-life/thoughts and stuff I am easy to understand when I say something there’s usually not some underlying implication for people to have to analyze or interpret or rip apart to understand. If I say “that’s ok.” It IS ok! I don’t expect people to be my mind readers. If I had a boyfriend, I would tell him like it really is and not expect him to have to delve deep inside to figure out what in the hell I’m actually talking about. If I say, “do what you want” then do what you want! Lol. Straight talk is what’s up! I don’t make things more complicated than they have to be. I am willing to compromise, even give some things up to avoid big blow ups. And since my family is looney, I have learned even better how to be more simplistic to avoid lots of bs.


You would know that I generally don’t get angry, anxious, or even too unhappy when things accidentally don’t go as planned. I just go with the flow even when plans turn out to be a wreck. Stuck in traffic? Oh well, I’m here what can be done now?! Someone Cancels at the last minute? Alrighty I’ll just make new plans!


You would know I’m a lazy kind of girl. Truly! I don’t have that “A” kind of personality that people speak of. I’m not uptight and perfectionist-like. Noperz! I just take things lightly, I procrastinate, I’m a slacker. Lol. But I won’t let others down and at my job I do the best I can. Yup! Lol 😉


You would know that I love my gossip just as much as the next girl. But I won’t gossip in a way that will hurt anyone or to people who will blab someone’s stuff to someone else.  


You would know that I don’t watch tv and haven’t in years. I cannot bring myself to sit and watch a television show but I know there are so many I find interesting. I don’t know about tv or all those tv shows people speak of these days and all those young/new celebs and reality tv. Nothing wrong with watching tv, it’s just not my cup of tea!


You would know that I am what is considered an “open book”. I’m good at expressing myself, sharing my stories, struggles, dreams, happiness, pain, anything really. Even to people I don’t really know.

I am shy but not secretive or shady. I can keep other people’s secrets but don’t really have many of my own.


You would know that I’m very easy going, easy to get along with, super friendly but very shy at first.


You would know that I feel other people’s pleasure and pain almost as if it were my own even if I don’t know them or just read about them online. I once stumbled upon a beautiful girl’s blog who was getting married in just a few days.

And I could just feel her immense joy and elation and so much happiness for her. The anxious-ness, the disbelief! The “omg! This is really happening!!” feeling!! I felt as if it were someone so close to me getting married, like my sister or friend, or me, myself! And I never even met her!


You would know that I’m extremely patient. Good with kids and difficult people. I work at a store where people change their minds often after I already make up their ice cream hot fudge sundae with crushed cherries, pineapples, wet walnuts, extra whipped cream, carmel and chocolate syrup and cherry on top to a large ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles. Lol! I just make it over, no problem!

And they are usually very friendly about it and apologize frequently but I tell them there’s no need! You should get what you want!


You would know that I think I would love to and be good at working with special needs kids. They require so much love and care and patience and I just am bursting with all of that and would love to care for them.


You would know that “misery loves company” is not really true for me. When I’m miserable I usually like to know that great things are still happening to other people. One day not so long ago I was in a low mood feeling like a failure and like nothing would ever go right for me, like I wouldn’t accomplish anything, ever. Then I saw a group of beautiful young women in a wedding, walking up the street towards me. A stunning young bride in a gorgeous white dress that clung to her and all her gorgeous bridesmaids holding beautiful red flowers and wearing clingy black dresses, all in stilettos, with their hair all beautifully fixed.

It immediately uplifted me. They were all genuinely glowing and getting their picture taken together. I thought to myself my world kind of sucks today but at least all is right in their world! ❤ 😀


You would no that I’m know grammer or spellin’ nazi! Don’t care!! Lol. As long as I get the gist of what someone is saying/writing it’s alright with me! And yup! I spelled those words wrong on purpose as a joke! Lolz. I’m a joker!

When people are debating or arguing online and start attacking each other for spelling and grammar, to me it’s a sign of weakness in their arguments. They probably don’t have a strong enough argument or points so they resort to attacking spelling mistakes. Or they are just bitter for the other side and want to get them however they can. :-/


You would know that I’m the biggest fan of Oldies, 50’s and 60’s music that you’ll probably ever meet and always have been for as long as I can remember!! If it’s an oldies, I can guarantee you I probably know it and the name of the singer/band who sings it. And in school, as a young girl, I would lie to other kids about it and act like I liked the music they liked. The newest, “coolest”, trendiest music. And I would search the lyrics online and facts so I would be able to join in and answer questions that I was asked! I wasn’t about to spill my dirty little secret! Lmao! When I was 18 years old in college I finally quit my lies and embraced my true, passionate love for Oldies! Now I’m a PROUD Oldies lover! And I’ll scream it off the rooftops! Mmmm hmmmm! ❤ 😉


You would know that I’m kind of a “good girl”. Never got in much trouble anywhere, never enjoyed the club scene or been bar hopping, don’t care about loud crazy parties, never hosted any or been to many, never been to college parties….no alcohol or cigarettes for me. I like staying home, Reading, cafes with friends, restaurants, movie theatres, walking….things of that sort. 


You would know that I’m the kind of girl who goes to great lengths no matter the cost to myself, to help others whether or not I know them.

One day I dragged my ass to the acme and 1:00 in the morning because I found out the gay/straight alliance in college was having a bake sale to get money for awareness for lgbt issues and I just knew I had to help so I bought stuff to make cookies!! Lol!


You would know that I rarely negatively judge people. No matter how different they are than me. No matter how “unusual” or “abnormal” they or the things they do are. I’m laid back, easy going.  


You would know that I don’t understand math or politics for the life of me no matter how much I try but still find those subjects fascinating. Seriously, I couldn’t do a basic addition Math problem to save my life. But I can write good essays and research papers, or so I have been told. Lol. So I’m not completely dense. I guess? Lol 😉


You would know that I’m absent-minded as can be. I lose things. I lose money, probably more often than not. I lose 20 dollar bills a lot. I forget where I put things. I look at the clock to see what time it is and am not paying attention and have to look again, I walk into a room and forget what on Earth I’m doing in there. Lmao! I’m a disorganized mess! 


You would know that I’m easily amused. Very. Very easily amused. I laugh at everything and nothing. At myself and all! The most inappropriate things and the most “boring” (according to others) things. When I’m in the movie theatres I’m the one still laughing hysterically long after everyone else has stopped. Lol! I laugh when I’m alone and with people. But I don’t like jokes that have to do with death or disease. I don’t laugh at those. They are cruel and they disgust me. I don’t like jokes about presidents being killed and the Titanic sinking. I don’t care how long ago it was. I don’t like jokes about Michael J. Fox and his Parkinson’s Disease. That is vicious. I don’t like jokes about suicide victims. That is low. I’m very easy to entertain. 🙂


You would know that I’m not easily offended. And I don’t always take things too personally or too hard. Life just isn’t meant to be taken so seriously!! 😀


You would know that I used to mostly always only dress in black when I was a girl. About 20 (or a bit younger) – 23 or 24 years old, only wear dark makeup, black nail polish. Lots and lots of bracelets, piercings all over (still wear the bracelets and have the piercings). I was constantly labeled as “goth” or “semi-goth” and called the gothic girl frequently. But I myself have never considered myself goth. But never minded the label. Now there’s much color in my world. I paint my nails various colors, wear colorful clothes….


You would know I love reading facts about people whether or not I know them. I love reading people’s bio sections, their favorite color, favorite food, “weird” quirks, funny stories, personal blogs about their families and kids and happy lives, even what many consider “boring” facts, lists such as this. I just love people and their lives!


You would know that I love babies. My heart melts at the sight or sound of them! I wouldn’t mind watching someone’s or holding a big baby and as a girl, I loved playing dolls, house, kitchen, but I never not once wanted a kid of my own and I know I never will. Just zero desire, not my cup of tea. Doesn’t interest me. Not for any specific reason. As much as I adore kids I just don’t have that natural desire that I guess most girls have, to have kids. I have been criticized for that one but guess what….? I don’t care! Lol 😉 


You would know that I am also the biggest fan of sappy love songs, specifically old ones, and I love my sap! I love love and friendship and songs and poetry that conveys the warmth of it. I love romantic comedies and friendship movies….


I guess this is it for now! Thank You for getting to know me better! ❤


P.S. When I get a shower, it usually steams up the medicine cabinet mirror. Which is the mirror I like to use to put my makeup on because I can get closest to it. I can’t keep the door open because my dad’s parakeets can get out. I got tired of it always being steamed up and even when I make an attempt to clean it with a towel, it smears and gets worse or whatever. So today I came up with the absolutely brilliant idea to put a towel over it! So the steam wouldn’t get to it! I felt proud of my sudden great idea! So after the shower I ripped the towel off and……. Much to my surprise, it was steamed up anyway! Lol! Words cannot express my disappointment and confusion! I stood there for like two minutes all grim and doing nothing! And then? I laughed at myself and went about my day! Yeah this is probably like the most random thing you have read all day! I know. But I just felt like it! 



You just gotta love me! :-p


Xox0 Kim 😀 Image

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