Something tangible {& inspiring}


      I love little reminders and symbols that represent positive things. No matter how happy & inspired we are in general, there will be days and moments where we are uninspired, ungrateful, angry, stressed, and forget to stop and appreciate the beauty and wonder of the world. I find that little tangible things such as jewelry, totem stones, or pins can give us little doses of inspiration and remind us to stay positive, be happy, and/or that things can be ok and get better.

      I have three bracelets, a ring, and a necklace that all inspire me. The ring says “Love Life” on the outside and “Be Brave” on the inside, the one bracelet says “Love Life” on one side and “Be Brave” on the other, and the other bracelet says “Celebrate Life” and the other says “Strength”. The necklace is a cornucopia heart necklace that reminds me to give thanks for everything, everyday and love what I have and what I am.

      I also used to have a cornucopia pin and two totem stones, one saying “Strength” & one saying “Gratitude.”


      JCPenny, Target, and WalMart all sell inspirational jewelry that is not very expensive. I bought some there before for no more than twenty dollars each. They have sterling silver and silver plated rings, necklaces, and bracelets that say or symbolize strength, kindness, courage, determination, love, and so much more.


      Also you can read about and order a “Positive Pin” here:


      I haven’t purchased one yet but I love the idea and will get one soon. Whenever you see the pin it will remind you to be positive.


      Here is some jewelry at I have the sterling silver “Celebrate Life” bracelet for $15.00.


      You don’t even need jewelry or anything that you have to buy. You can make something on your own or use index cards and markers or colored pencils. I have a plastic container that holds index cards. I love to write inspirational words, messages, quotes, and song lyrics on the cards. Or you can buy a box of plain special occasion cards with pictures on the front but plain inside so you can color or write what you want.


      I don’t generally promote extreme materialism and do not believe we need material objects to be happy or inspired or to feel valuable or worthy. But I do love the idea of having one or a few tangible reminders and inspirational little gems to uplift us.

<3. If you like this idea, I hope you find your perfect little inspirational gem to carry around, wear, or keep with you. Or if you already have something like this, I would love to read about it!

😀 🙂


And always remember, “You can be greater than anything that can happen to you”!!!  

-Norman Vincent Peale 


X0xo Kim ❤  


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