My #1 Goal & sweet reminders <3 :-D

Recently at the ice cream store I work at, a sweet, happy, and friendly family came, a mom, dad, and their two little girls. They wanted some milk for the baby’s sippie cup. We don’t usually sell milk but we do have milk we use for the milkshakes so I gave them a cup of milk and did not charge them even though they offered to pay. They also got ice cream and were very pleased with it! 😀

They only spent a few dollars all together. I charged them a little bit less for the little girls’ ice cream because they got smaller sizes than we sell because the girls are so little. They gave me a sixteen dollar tip! A sixteen dollar tip?! Whoooaaa!!! That’s the biggest tip I ever received at once! I was so grateful for their kindness and generosity. Not just because I got extra money but for the fact that there’s people out there who are that giving and friendly and genuinely want to do good for others. They are just very happy and good people. I always appreciate people/customers like that whether or not they give me a tip. Their friendly smiles are enough for me. 😀

This incident reminded me of my number one goal. The goal I made the conscious decision to accomplish when I was 24 years old, the goal I decided to accomplish the day I made a decision to make an attempt to end my life and then within the same hour decided to go the other way and live with everything I have, to live. To be. To breathe.

I have a few goals now. One, I want to create a vegetable garden! I want to grow and nurture lots & lots of delicious tomatoes! MmmMmmm :-D. I also want to plant flowers and buy lots of colorful flowers for my room. Another goal I have is to get a counseling job of some sort to counsel/help people with mental health issues. I also want to develop healthy exercising/consuming habits and see if that helps better with my chronic fatigue.

But my number one goal is to be the best me I can be for myself and everyone my existence impacts in any way. This may seem quite simple but it is sometimes challenging and sometimes easy. There are so many, many aspects to someone. Some aspects are easier to tend to and work on and be good at than others. This goal encompasses all different aspects. I will not always know what is best for me or someone else in every situation and I know I will not always feel like doing the best for myself or others. I may want to slack or even intentionally do something wrong or unkind on rare occasions.

When I say what’s best for someone else, that is never to say that I will tell someone what to do or how to live. It doesn’t mean I will do things that I think is best for someone who doesn’t want me to do that to/for the person. What this means is that I will do what is best for others in relation to me. I will make an attempt to try to always act in ways that my existence will impact others for the best for the both of us. For example, forgiveness. Forgiveness is usually best for everyone involved. Also to refrain whenever I may feel like being vengeful or verbally unkind/vicious out of anger or pain.

My goal is to be as kind as possible, as loving as I can be, to grow in every way possible and to be extremely giving and generous and not merely to receive anything in return. I plan to do what is best for the world, to be a better place for us all.

This goal of mine will never be completely accomplished like some goals can be. There’s no way to objectively measure it. It’s an ongoing goal that will go on for as long as I live. And while some moments I will have lapses and setbacks I will do the absolute best I can to keep up with it.

It’s ok to make mistakes and then move on and forgive myself and others.

I’m generally very kind and forgiving and I let small, trivial things slide often and sometimes even things that may not be so small.

More often than not, I don’t say or do extremely unkind things to people even when they do unkind things to me and if they ever do say sorry I am usually quick to forgive. My mom sees this as a weakness in me. She calls me a wimp when I do not seek revenge on people who sling insults at me or do something to intentionally have a negative impact on me. It’s usually just not in me to be that way. But there are some occasions when I do feel vengeful and angry and want to get people who have intentionally caused me grief and there have been occasions when I have got revenge on people who I felt deserved it and often felt guilty later. Recently I told my mom I want to work on that part of me so I never seek revenge and instead just heal and move on. And my mom sarcastically said “sure become even more of a wimp.” Lol. I understand how people want to seek revenge on people who intentionally cause pain or anger for others; that is a natural and normal response to want to do that and it doesn’t make someone a bad person for wanting to get even or for getting even. However, I do not think it’s usually healthy for anyone and I do not think that not seeking revenge and that forgiving is a weakness. It’s actually a strength.

I think about my number one goal frequently but I want to make it even more conscious in my brain. And I love little reminders that inspire me like the family who came to my work recently. ❤


I hope everyone is having a beautiful day/night/ and I hope you are all coming along well with your goals/dreams/plans!!!

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