April First ;-p


So, I had the jury thing on Monday, April 1st!!! Like I have previously mentioned, I LOVE going! I love everything about it and being surrounded by people!

When I am around a large group of people whether or not I know them, I feel so energized, so uplifted, so hopeful.

I see/feel so much potential and hope in others. I feel so many dreams swirling throughout the air and every cell of my body.

There is a quote I have read some years ago that goes something like this “Each person is a door to a new world.”. I do not know the author or source of the quote but I completely agree with it. Every person has an incredible uniqueness and the incredible potential to bring amazing things to this life and the world around us. I love diversity and various kinds of people.

So I loved being in that room in the Criminal Justice Center.

In all my years I have not once regretted being selected for jury service.

But that day, this year I was exhausted. I wasn’t tired the night before and I got three hours or less of sleep and when I got up I was overcome with a tired kind of sickness.

But it soon disappeared then returned later after I got there.

I was sitting in the room for a few hours. Hoping I would not fall asleep. I was happy to be there but for the first day ever I hoped I would get to go home kind of early.

Some people get out as early as 9:00am while others are required to stay until after 5:00pm.

If we aren’t chosen for a trial we must go back to that big room and wait for another round and on and on.

I got chosen for a panel for a criminal case that day but the people weren’t ready for us yet.

So I had to wait.

Sixty people had to leave the room for a panel.

Then just before 12:00 in the afternoon the friendly and funny lady who works at the Criminal Justice Center came in and cut off the tvs while we were all in the middle of watching some game show right before we got to see if the girl won money! Talk about a disappointment! Lol 😉


But then

She said through the loud speaker, “This is no April Fools joke!”. Which made me instantly think it was! Then she said “Everyone in this room gets to go home right now!”

Everyone started clapping and cheering and I was very amused but I still thought it was a joke! They don’t send everyone in that room home all at once like that! There must have been over 100 people in there!

But when she started talking about our checks that we get for going I knew we got lucky and really did get to leave!


She said one trial fell through and there were glitches here and there and everywhere or something like that! Lol

She told us this occurrence is extremely rare and especially for a Monday. On Monday the jurors usually don’t get out until well after 3:30pm, usually not until at least 5:00pm!

But we were fortunate to escape then! Yay! Lol


So I went straight home for a looong nap! With my snuggle-bunny (my big pitbull who I don’t sleep well without!)


Yesterday on a bus there was a very cheerful old lady sitting in the front talking about April Fools Day. She said “Yesterday was April Fool’s Day and I was trying to get everyone I could anyway I was able to!”. Lol! And she was telling people her funny jokes she played on people. 😀

I thought that was so cute. I love the cheeriness and zest she possessed and how she had so much desire. How inspiring! ❤


I hope everyone is having a lovely day/night! ❤




X0xo Kim ❤


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