Short little list of Happy :-D

Here’s my short little list of happu for today! 😀

1n) I wrote that I recently got a new puppy! I love watching him grow everyday and learn new things.   He recently learned how to walk up & down the stairs. He was soo happy when he first walked up! He came running so fast into my room and was so proud of himself!   How adorable!
He quickly learned that every night after work I bring home treats for them and now he waits for his very impatiently! Lol.


He dances real fast until he gets his. His has to be broken into small pieces because he’s so little.   My pit bull Isis Summerjo & him are inseparable! They do everything together and Isis is a jealous girl! She copies everything he does and now she chews paper towels because he does! Lol it’s the cutest thing!

2.) At work recently, three little girls came with their dad to buy water ice and the girls brought me a flower just because they felt like it! They were so happy and so was I! It had a beautiful fragrance and was so pretty.

3.) A lady who works for my boss brought me chocolate covered strawberries as a surprise gift just to be kind.  

4.) Philosophy and the way the human body works. I was laying in bed today with my pit bull and I was falling asleep. I wanted to move my arm but was too tired.   And I got to thinking about how amazing it is that if I want to move part of my body, I can! It may seem like a simple or mundane concept or event but it truly is a wonder! Just think about it!

5n) I am going to turn 27 years old tomorrow!   Yay! My sister has surprises planned for me for after work and she won’t tell me what! 😀

I hope you all are having a wonderful day/night.

Xox0 Kim


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