Beautiful quote

“Love is more than what we feel for another person.  It is the scent of lilacs, roses, the ocean breeze or fresh summer rain.  That thing that makes your heart smile when you breathe it in.  Love is a summer breeze, the first snow flake, a big hug or a warm blanket on a chilly day.  It is that thing you feel when you are wrapped up in or touched by something wonderful.  Love is grass on your bare feet or sand between your toes, it is the splash of the ocean or the warmth of the sun. It is that sense of touching something bigger then you that makes you realize how special we are to experience this moment, now, here.  Love is million tiny moments that happen to the beat of our heart.  That stirs our senses and awaken our spirits.  That reminds us that when we fall we are not defeated, just seeing a different view feeling a different feeling.  Love is what we feel with, touch with, see with.  It is the one constant that makes our lives better.  The added bonus isn’t love it is sharing all your love with the ones you love.  “~ Cheryl Nordyke

Just sharing this beautiful quote I have seen today! Love it!

I think it’s a sweet reminder to appreciate all the simple pleasures and beauty all around us.

Xoxo0 Kim


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