You Are Here

Beautiful & reflective post by a beautiful girl about living in this moment, the present, which is a true gift.

Sour Sunrise

It’s time to realize this simple fact: we are all here. In the Present.

Recently I’ve bumped into a very interesting person, and as soon as we started talking about life (as it usually happens), I’ve noticed that his views on life are really different from what people usually have. This man possesses a very unusual quality – he lives in the present.
Let me explain what it means. Like everyone, I have my own Past. I have memories of good and bad things. Some of them can make me smile, some of them can make me cry. Unfortunately, I’m not good enough at controlling my memories, especially if I have a hard time and I remember when everything was going well. Many questions appear in my head, e.g. “How could my life come to this?” and “What did I do wrong?”. In other words, I start blaming myself…

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