I’m Gonna Spend Another Fall in Philadelphia…<3


My long lost friend is here once again, Fall!! And what better city to be in than Philadelphia?!?! The cool nights are just about here, I’m already seeing crunchy, colorful leaves appearing, the pumpkin Spice stuff is back!! I’m so happy! Yay!!

Here’s a poem I like:

“Fall will soon be here again, 
That special time of year 
When colored leaves of red and gold
Will suddenly appear. 

Fall will soon be here again, 
And joyful I will be
Because it is the season 
When my heart feels glad and free.

Fall will soon be here again;
Tomorrow it will start,
And I shall feel both happiness
And beauty in my heart.

Fall will soon be here again
And Summer will be done,
But Autumn is the time of year
When my life o’erflows with fun.”

~Hope C. Oberhelman

So yeah, as Hall & Oates says “I’m gonna spend another Fall in Philadelphia”!!!

I hope you all are having a beautiful day or night wherever you are! 😉

Xoxo Kim

2 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Spend Another Fall in Philadelphia…<3

  1. As far back as I can go, into the mists of memory, Philadelphia stands firmly at the perimeter of my awareness.
    When I was a small boy, living within the burgeoning sprawl of Chicago’s post-War suburbia, Philadelphia (Merion, to be precise) was the mysterious, compelling place from where my glamorous aunt and uncle, and my beautiful cousins arrived, from time to time.
    My entrée to school occurred during the final year of Jack and Jackie. I recall the stately Presidential portrait in the schoolroom, and the requisite patriotic proselytism, at the center of which was, of course, Philadelphia.
    In 1967, my eldest sister joined my Merion relations on a trip to the Montreal Expo, and returned from PA with plenty of Revolutionary kitsch for my younger siblings and me. This mythical Eastern city gained even more allure.
    Finally, in 1973; a family road trip, my first visit to the “Cradle of Liberty”, and its transformation from concept to concretion.
    Since then, I’ve visited and revisited the city several times each decade from the late 70s till now. I possess only warm, comforting memories of those journeys.
    And even now, the name of the city evokes a smile.

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