No stars are out tonight


But that’s alright.
You are your own light.

“Create the things you wished existed.”

Is there anything you wish to see more of in this world or around you, more love, or more positivity, specific kinds of blog posts, more encouraging people, more beauty and light….?

We can’t control other people but we can empower ourselves and make positive choices to put more of what we want to see out into the world.

I think sometimes we wait for other people to move first and we search for people to look up to, people who will do what we want to see, write what we want to read, say what we want to hear, and we search for things we can’t seem to find at that moment then get disappointed or frustrated or heartbroken when we don’t find it.

I know sometimes I get a numb feeling or just feeling gloomy or stagnant and wish someone would appear with some beauty and light or message of hope for me or put some feeling into me and I search the Internet or books and can’t seem to find anything on that occasion that fulfills my longing.

But the truth is while it’s great to have someone special come along with a sweet uplifting message of love and hope, that won’t always happen. Sometimes we’ll be lonely and feeling empty or glum.

But the great thing is, we have an abundance of inspiration inside us already and all we have to do is tap into it and share with others.  

We don’t have to wait for someone else to put beauty in our lives. It’s up to us to create beauty in the ugliest moments and bring about light in our darkest hours.

If you want to read something positive about a certain topic or want to read a certain opinion and don’t find it when you search, why not write it yourself?  Want to read a list of wonders or amazing things? Create your own list! 

Do you want to read something raw and honest and deep? Write something raw and honest and deep and share it with the world.

Need someone in your life who is loving, passionate, and strong?   While you’re waiting, be that person yourself.   Work on yourself and create yourself and strengthen yourself into the you that you would love to know.

Want a loyal, forgiving friend who loves unconditionally? Be that kind of friend. Be that kind of person to the world.

Listen to your heart, listen to the song within. Listen to your own deep inner wisdom. It may be quiet and gentle but it’s there. Deep inside, you know what you need.  

Whatever it is, realize it.

You have a plentitude of life, inspiration, and love within you that you can bask in, share, and bless people with.

So whatever you want to see existing, create it.

I have been listening to the beautiful song by Jack Wagner, “All I Need” and these lovely words jump out at me:

“No stars are out tonight but we’re shining our own light.
And it’s never felt so right.” 

When there are no stars in your sky, shine your own light.

If you want, check out the song here:
Non mobile:


“I wondered why someone did not do something.   Then I realized I am someone.” ~ Unknown



Xoxo Kim

4 thoughts on “No stars are out tonight

  1. I listen to music a lot (never watch TV). Often, I hear a lyric or sub-consciously pick up on a piece of music which triggers recognition of something pertinent to what is going on in my life. I appreciate how you seem to do that too – work the lyrics of a song you’ve recently heard into the thoughts you capture in your blog. Nice.

    • Thank You!! I never watch TV either. I haven’t watched it in many years. Even when I used to watch it, it wasn’t much. It’s just not my cup of tea. But I listen to music and read a lot.

      I love how songs can say so much about real life situations and I’m good at making quick connections. For almost any situation I’m in or have been in, I can usually think of song lyrics that express it perfectly.

      I think music is so healing and is much more than mere aesthetics.

      It’s great that you appreciate music so much too, I love meeting people who love music like I do!

      Do you have a specific favorite kind of music? Mine is Oldies, love songs, and Country.

      Thank You for your comment! 🙂

      • Yes, I enjoy rock, folk-rock, oldies (as long as they aren’t older than, say, the mid-60s), blues, soul, funk; also, some jazz, New Age, classical and (a very little) country. Country music is certainly easy to understand in terms of message, but, with some exceptions, I’m not generally a very big fan. But I do REALLY enjoy the synchronicities you mention – situational congruity between what’s happening and what I’m hearing! I agree that it is both pleasing to the ear and to ME on another level entirely, where it seems that the music and I are resonating together.

    • I like a lot of those too, I like Rock music a lot, especially soft rock! I love all Oldies, even the really old 50’s music! Most people I talk to/meet that I know of, don’t like any Country or Oldies. Yeah, I love that about music, how it can touch us in deep ways. The tune and music are beautiful but also the messages of the songs. Music can be so healing & uplifting. I have an entire Playlist on my phone, of uplifting songs. I listen to them often but I make it a point to especially listen to them when I’m in a low mood. It helps me prevent & cope with Depressive episodes.

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