My sweet, looong List of Happy. <3 :-D


I recently stumbled across a blog post about “List of Kinds of People I Seriously Hate”

And to my dismay I am on that list! Lol Well not me personally but one of the kinds of people she “seriously hates.” lol How rude!


She seems like a very outspoken girl though who is very sure of herself and isn’t afraid to state her views and just be herself, not fearing what others will think or say about who she is. And I think that’s generally something to be appreciated and respected so I wasn’t too annoyed and she also loves animals so that’s alright with me!  Anyway, she can’t stand girls who wear low cut shirts, especially when they post pics of themselves and that’s totally me! She said it’s totally slutty and any girl like that will be taken right off her newsfeed or any social media list! But it’s just my style is all! Always has been, always will be! ;-D

She said her and her friends tried to write a list of happy things and it was so much harder than writing the list of negative things.  

It surprised me that so many agreed with her. I’m the opposite.   I find it so much easier thinking of things I love. I only planned on writing like 20 something things and just couldn’t stop!   Now it’s way over 100!

But when I try to write a list of things I don’t much care for, I get stuck before even getting to ten usually!   Lol! I guess I’m a little too accepting or easy going?! 😀
Mostly the things on my negative list are : unjust discrimination, animal cruelty, prejudicial attitudes, abuse, homicide….things like that. 

Also, I think “happy lists” are often more unique than “sad lists” because the unhappy lists are often universal. If you think about it, who really does like unjust discrimination, diseases, sore throats, child or domestic abuse, homicide…? Pretty much no one.  

But not everyone loves the color pink or rainbows or babies! 

So happy lists are quite unique.

Inaccurate grammar, Girls who do the duck face, post pics of their messy kids and food all day, piss and moan about their drama, are slutty, post 50, million pics of themselves in restrooms, half dressed, political rants…..don’t annoy me. I don’t mind seeing their stuff or whatever.   Whatever floats your boats, girls! Lol

I’m not the most judgmental girl in the world which also means I don’t really judge people too hard who judge me negatively.   I’m mostly, understanding of your lack of understanding, compassionate even with your lack of compassion, empathetic for your lack of empathy, accepting of your lack of acceptance.

I don’t like it much but it is what it is, right?!


Anyway, though, Here’s my list of happy!
Inspired by that girl’s list of not so happy! Lol

1.) animals

2.) shopping for makeup, clothes, books

3.) iced coffee especially when it’s really sweetened 

4.) meeting people I never met before


5.) finding new quotes, songs, and poems that resonate with me in a deep way

6.) snowstorms and the first snowfall of the season

7.) When the seasons are changing to the next one – it’s something magical

8.) photography

9.) looking into a mirror and loving who/what I see

10.) the feeling of accomplishment, even if it’s something small

11.) making someone smile

12.) random acts of kindness

13.) helping someone 

14.) the way it feels to put on comfy pj’s and fall into bed after a long day

15.) hot tea

16.) cake

17.) rain

18.) Hello Kitty

19.) journals and stationary stuff

20.) blogs

21.) my long hair

22.) gentle summer breezes

23.) all the different shades of green that appear throughout Spring & Summer

24.) novels and plays with deep, profound meanings

25.) poetry 

26.) getting a new handbag

27.) learning a new life lesson or being reminded of ones I previously learned

28.) salt n vinegar chips

29.) babies!

30.) art journaling 

31.) walking in warm or cool weather 

32.) seeing people happy and doing well

33.) friends

34.) mindfulness meditation and activities 

35.) Buddhist teachings 

36.) philosophy 

37.) dreams while I’m sleeping and remembering them when I wake up

38.) being aware of beauty all around 

39.) my senses

40.) restaurants

41.) gratitude 

42.) parks 

43.) beautiful buildings 

44.) kind strangers 

45.) Oldies songs, country songs, love songs 

46.) Happy songs and sad poetry 

47.) the sky

48.) the moon

49.) getting caught in the rain

50.) taking a picture that turns out more perfect than I expected 

51.) love of all kinds, romantic, platonic, universal

52.) walking through a large shopping mall

53.) being surrounded by people

54.) hugs!

55.) making someone else happy

56.) Belly laughs that hurt

57.) the way it feels when laughing almost lifts me when I’m depressed sometimes or in physical pain

58.) Center City Philadelphia and all the beautiful buildings 

59.) buying someone a gift or cup of coffee/tea

60.) people who are open-minded, understanding, and empathetic for other people’s situations, problems, lives…

61.) all the colorful leaves of the fall

62.) Blueberry coffee (coffee with blueberry flavor in it) with cream and sugar

63.) fun/deep conversations with a stranger on a bus or at the bus stop

64.) connecting with people

65.) feeling one with all that is

66.) pretty candles with a sweet fragrance 

67.) being able to listen to the same song over and over and never get tired of it!

68.) unsuccessfully trying hard not to laugh at something hilarious that I know I shouldn’t be laughing at

69.)  serving people at the store where I work 

70.) coca cola

71.) romantic comedies

72.) anything sappy and cheesy 

73.) the sun and sunrises and sunsets

74.) Morning

75.) nightfall

76.) sunny afternoons

77.) hot cocoa with whipped cream on a bitter cold day

78.) gray days as well as sunny ones

79.) miserable weather 

80.) bright, clear blue sky with big fluffy white clouds

 81.) different kinds of accents people have

82.) learning phrases in other languages I don’t know

83.) getting a new or old book

84.) bookstores

85.) nail polish that stands out

86.) bright colored socks

86.) anything pink

87.) the color red – especially dresses and handbags, and lipstick on girls who can pull it off


88.) the color green 

89.) sweet messages

90.) feeling deeply inspired 

91.) feeling motivated and taking action for the better

92.) twilight


93.) finding beauty in unlikely places

94.) sweet memories

95.) When a certain scent takes me back to a place long gone. The bittersweetness of nostalgia

96.) old writings, books, plays

97.) flowers

98.) remembering a song I forgot long ago

99.) When pain isn’t as bad

100.) being filled with deep wisdom and sharing it with others or people sharing it with me

101.) Girls in five inch stilettos 

102.) animals playing 

103.) my online friends on Facebook, the blog, 365project…

104.) the feeling when a package comes in the mail for me!

105.) Happy surprises

106.) everything related to weddings 

107.) animal rescue organizations

108.) movie theatres 

109.) the feeling of laying in bed at night reading 

110.) trampolines 

111.) learning something fascinating 

112.) teaching someone something fascinating I learned

113.) making someone’s day better

114.) physical closeness – waiting for a bus with people, standing in lines at a store with people, sitting next to people….

115.) finding something with the letter “K” on it


116.) peanut butter

117.) french vanilla cream horns

118.) university/college campuses


119.) things not going as planned but then working out even better! 

120.) posting sweet song lyrics 

121.) snuggling under blankets with dogs or cats

122.) skyscrapers 


123.) street signs and city lights


124.) the sounds of the city

125.) busses and trolleys

126.) people who build each other up instead of dragging each other down

127.) tomatoes 

128.) walking in a light mist

129.) Indian food

130.) fruity or Hawaiian body spray 

131.) the way it feels using a new shower gel or hair product 

132.) facebook

133.) lemons in soda and iced tea

134.) warm places in the Winter

135.) being deeply inspired to create 

136.) birds flying around outside 

137.) the love of being greeted by my dogs when I walk into a room.

138.) lovers holding hands

139.) old people – they’re cute.

140.) reading about/hearing about someone’s dream finally coming true.

Wow! Life sure is good, isn’t it?! 😀

I never expected to feel this way at the end of this. So uplifted, warm, and in awe at how many amazing things there are to be so happy about. I did not list these all in one sitting; it took like two days but at the very end I felt so warm and light and like I can jump for joy!

Sometimes I create lists like these in my head at night as I’m laying in bed but it feels even different when I write out a super long list like this. When I think like this at night, the joy often keeps me awake! Lol. So I try to think of more mellow, serene things. You know your life is good when you can’t sleep at night because of too many GOOD thoughts!   

I don’t have a “real” job, not much money, I live with family, not on my own, I have a depressive and chronic physical pain disorder but I can still say that life is beautiful.   Beautiful with all the simple joys, all the sweet wonders that cost nothing or next to nothing.  

May you realize all the treasures you are truly blessed with and feel inspired to list them and not be able to stop!  

Xoxo Kim

15 thoughts on “My sweet, looong List of Happy. <3 :-D

  1. You are such a nice person. 😀 I might sound crazy but I didn’t know how else to put it. First of all, I don’t know why people would make a generalized statement but then as you said, if it makes them feel good then why not? This list of yours fills me with positivity. You have mentioned even the smallest of things which make me go, “Why, of course. What would I do without that?”. And they never fail to make me happy but we feel they are so mundane, that why include them? It happens sometimes, that we have to think hard to list the things that make us happy when in fact they are right under our nose but we fail to acknowledge them. I can point out so many things from your list that make me happy as well – say for example, # 2, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 19, 27, 39, 42, 44, 49, 50, 54, 55, 56, 57, 59, 60, 63, 68, 74, 75, 77, 84, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 97, 100, 104, 105, 113, 118, 119, 124, 128, 130, 131, 134, 135, 139, 140. I think I listed mostly everything I could relate to. But it amazes me that these little things are the ones that bring us most happiness. Old people. They are certainly cute! Mornings, nights – so peaceful! All of life’s pleasures come free. 🙂 We are blessed. Thank you for this uplifting post! I don’t know why your posts don’t appear in my reader. I will definitely keep a tab from now on!

    • Thank You so much for your amazingly uplifting comment and for reading! No, you definitely don’t sound crazy! I definitely appreciate it!!
      Yeah, I don’t agree with making generalizations usually and sometimes I do find that offensive and unfortunate but I learn more and more to tolerate things and to accept that people have views I find less than favorable and it’s completely up to them to have those and express them. And I believe kindness is almost always best even when others aren’t being kind.
      Yes, I truly believe we don’t need a bunch of expensive, material things to make us happy. It’s ok to have those things but it’s good to keep in mind that external objects usually do not bring true, deep happiness and our own worth is never dependent upon them. We so often overlook the simple, mundane treasures of life like the sky, sunlight, a smile or hug, all the sweet pleasures our senses allow, a warm or cool breeze …often wanting more and more things. But just because something is simple and mundane doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful and important! I believe noticing and consciously taking pleasure in the simple joys of life can become an ingrained habit for everyone who makes the choice to develop it. I have a whole blog post planned for this topic soon!
      Thank You!! There are blogs that often don’t show up in my reader and I have no idea why and so long goes by before I see them again. Sometimes a pop up comes up asking me to subscribe to e-mail notifications for new posts but I don’t always see that for all blogs I like.
      Thank You again!! 😀

      • I was reading the part where you mentioned, ‘a warm or cool breeze’ and a cool breeze is just what I’m experiencing right now and it feels so lavish! Noticing the small things is truly a habit one should ingrain and it definitely takes persistent efforts. Thank you again for the amazing post and for spreading your positive energy! 🙂

    • Gentle breezes are so lovely to experience and it’s a beautiful feeling to be aware of them! I’m so happy you have been inspired by my post! That’s one of my main goals with this blog, to inspire others and it’s so very encouraging to know I am accomplishing that!
      ❤ Thank You!!

  2. Oh man, I really HATE “very outspoken (people) … who (are) very sure of (themselves) and (aren’t) afraid to state their views and just be (themselves), not fearing what others will think or say about who (they are).
    Yuk, yuk.
    Actually, though, in real life I do tend to grouse a lot, and am sort of (in)famous at work for reciting – and adding to my list of – my pet peeves.
    Thanks for the alternative example. Because, quite frankly, my habit hasn’t done much to improve my mood. Perhaps devoting at least part of the time, during which I’d otherwise be griping, to recalling the things I actually enjoy would improve my general outlook.

    • Lol I completely agree some comments are a bit much and certain opinions really should be kept to the self when they’re unnecessarily criticizing others. But I’m usually good at seeing the good in people even when they have a few annoying and overly outspoken views or qualities.  
       I know of a few people who are very kind and sweet in general but they do have a tendency to post statuses now and then, bashing other people’s clothing styles, choices, lifestyles…and they make decisions I would never make but I still like them.  I don’t agree with it but can be tolerant and accepting of the person as a whole.
      Also, I think there are kinder ways to state a distaste for someone’s style or other choices without being “in your face” and arrogant about it!
      For example:
      “I just really hate girls who wear slutty clothes! It just shows what complete sleazy sluts they are and what attention whores they are and I’m definitely taking them off my lists and blah, blah, blah…”

      I would have said it more like:

      “Wearing revealing clothing isn’t my style and I would never wear clothes like that but whatever floats your boat!”

      In fact, I probably wouldn’t have said it at all but if I insisted I would have been more kind about it. But I can accept that not everyone will be/think/act/feel like me.

      It’s not good for people to be too sure of themselves but enough confidence without bordering on arrogance or full blown arrogance is good. 

      There are definitely things I really dislike about people, certain people I would prefer not to be friends with or be around, statuses I find super annoying, offensive even, and things I can’t stand but the more I live, the more accepting(not even always, necessarily of certain views but just of the fact that people will have views and say things I find repulsive – it’s the way the world works)/tolerant and less negatively judgmental and just more peaceful, I become.   I even speak out against or speak up for things I feel are right, opposing people’s views, sometimes, when I’m compelled.  I know I can seriously dislike someone or something but not be disrespectful and completely, unnecessarily rude about it.

      This is something I become better and better at. Practicing kindness and compassion on the outside can lead us to come to feel more kind, compassionate, and tolerant on the inside.

       I never had a thing for “brutal honesty” and find it somewhat immature, like a child who doesn’t yet know to have a filter. It may be cute for a child, but certainly not for adults.
      I know any of my opinions, just like any of anyone else’s opinions,  can probably be offensive to some but I don’t think that means I should keep them all repressed. However I am very thoughtful of how I state them and when I express them. There are certain occasions some things should be just kept to myself and I’m wise and mature enough now, usually, to detect when. 

      Also, I think it’s definitely ok, even healthy, to vent now and then and complain when things are building up! I’m not innocent of that, myself! Lol But I just try not to make it a habit or make it too frequent! 🙂

      Thank You for your comment! I love thought-provoking comments!

  3. You are beyond sweet! You have the secret to happiness and I pity those who dwell on their “hate” or unhappiness, because like begets like. When you think of it as a bank account – positive or negative – which one would you rather have accruing interest? Positive, of course! Keep filling up your happiness bank account, you go, girl! You will be a beacon for others to follow.

    • Thank You so much!! I am always so happy to receive your sweet comments! They are so uplifting and encouraging, always! And that definitely is the key to happiness, dwelling on the positive aspects of life, not ignoring the unpleasant things, but accepting that they happen, trying to help make things better, and moving forward.
      And it’s so true the more we dwell on things to be thankful for, the more things there are to be thankful for and it generates more and more positive energy. And the same with dwelling on the negative. The more negative energy is emitted out into the world and we don’t need that!
      I love your analogy of the bank account, that’s perfect!
      I will definitely keep filling my happiness bank account and hope to inspire others along the way!! ❤
      Thank You so much again for commenting and for reading!! It's always deeply appreciated!

      • I just came across this quote and thought I’d pass it on:

        Ernest Holmes wrote: “Automatically you get rid of the negatives by the implanting of positives. Negatives cannot exist when positives fill the space. When the sunshine of love and confidence fills your whole being, the darkness of the negatives has to disappear.”
        It fits in with your post, don’t you think?

    • I absolutely love this quote and it’s perfect for my post here! I never heard of that quote before and I’m so happy you introduced me to it. Thank You!! I’m always looking up quotes and buying/downloading quote books. It also helped me much because my sweet little dog died last year on that date of old age, and it has been difficult and painful to cope with sometimes and there are occasions I slip and focus more on the pain of my loss and grief instead of the beauty and love I have been blessed with knowing her for twelve years. It helps remind me to cherish the memories and know that she had a great life with my family and to be happy she wasn’t suffering and died peacefully in the company of my mom’s love for her.
      Thank You!!

      • Ernest Holmes was the founder of the Science of Mind movement, a non-religious spiritual philosophy. It has been a great boon to my life and you may be interested in checking out their monthly magazine, which has a daily guide that starts my day off on the right foot when I read it at breakfast. Barnes & Noble sells them, you can subscribe to the magazine or get the on-line version at a very reasonable price. Blessings!

  4. I love that you choose to be positive and make a happy list. It’s easy for a lot of people to wallow in negative things (me included!), but a list like yours is a great way to see the good in one’s life! There is so much good that can get lost in amidst the negative. And sure, sometimes it’s fun to compile a list purely to bitch, haha, but if we focus on that all the time, we end up bringing ourselves down. Keep writing!

    • Thank You very much for reading and commenting! I appreciate that very much!!
      Lol I agree it can be so tempting to piss & moan some days and that’s definitely ok, but like you mention, it’s best not to let that happen too frequently! Negativity, annoyances, anger, pain…are all part of living and that’s ok! And it’s actually unhealthy to repress them. But developing the habit of focusing on the beauty and positivity in life is very good and can contribute to more frequent and deeper happiness. And I completely agree even when it seems like so much negativity, there is still something positive somewhere in the midst of it all.

      Thank You again for your comment! I am very happy to receive it! 😀

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