My girl’s birthday! <3


“When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew.”  ❤

Today is my furry soulmate’s birthday! Her name is Isis Summerjo. Her name was already Isis when we adopted her and we kept it and gave her her middle name Summerjo partially because we adopted her in the Summer! The other part is after my sister’s and my name. Isis is my beautiful goddess so her beautiful name fits perfectly!  She’s eight years old! My mom, sister, and me adopted her at the PSPCA, six years ago when she was two years old and I can never ask for a better friend than my furlady! My furever friend! ❤

Someone who could not keep her or did not want her anymore brought her to the pspca and then she was adopted by new people and shortly after that she was brought back again because the people decided they did not have enough time for her. Thankfully they cared to return her and not just neglect her or toss her. Now she has her loving furever home with my family. 

I remember the day we met, there were so many, many dogs who needed loving furever homes and I wished I could rescue them all but we could only have one. When I saw her I just knew she’s the one and my sister agreed, my mom was letting us choose. She happily jumped up in her crate to greet me when I put my hands over. She did not have much longer to be there because she was brought back again and not adopted for a while. In the spca, when animals aren’t adopted quickly enough, unfortunately they are destroyed. 
I’m so thankful we were able to save her life. 


She’s a big pitbull (American Pitbull Terrier), very muscular and strong and the biggest pitbull I ever saw and she’s the most gentle girl, she loves hugs and lots of attention. She’s the most gentle dog I ever knew, when another dog snaps at her or a cat tries to scratch at her, she turns her head instead of coming back at them when she can easily tear to shreds any human or any animal, no matter, the size, if she wanted to. But she’s nothing but love. She’s afraid of balloons and talking objects and small animals, she doesn’t snap at them, she just runs away! Lol

She’s the biggest baby! 


Isis Summerjo sleeps in bed with me almost every night, along with a few of my other babies. She knows to sit and give her paw when she’s asked and when she wants our food she gives her paw without being asked! Lol It’s the cutest thing! ❤


She loves animals and people and going for walks! She’s eight years old and she’s like a big puppy, extremely playful, and runs around with her toys. She loves our five other dogs and sometimes she even shares her toys with them! She also loves her back brushed and her blankies and doggy beds!  She’s the cutest thing ever. I love my girl!! ❤


Every year we celebrate her birthday and the anniversary we adopted her. She gets cake, treats, toys, balls, and we sing to her! She loves it and her eyes light up and she jumps up and down. She thinks every birthday & anniversary celebration is hers! She gets so happy! So when it’s someone else’s celebration, we always buy her a toy for her to be happy since she thinks it’s her special day! I never met another dog who gets so happy over birthday/anniversary celebrations and thinks they’re all for her/him! My girl loves cold/cool weather and is especially wild and energetic in Fall & Winter. She loves snow! 

One year on Isis’ birthday I was supposed to have work all day and I knew she wouldn’t like me getting out of bed and leaving her and luckily my kidney decided to get a stone and I was too sick to even think of getting out of bed. I was in so much pain and so sickly but at least I got to spend the entire day in bed with my girl! She was so happy! Lol

It’s a pleasant memory even with the immense pain and sickness! 

Luckily today is kind of cool for her special day! And I have off work today! My girl is the sweetest thing! 

She’s the most beautiful girl in the world! 


I’m so thankful the pspca had her real birthday on record and that the people who had her first knew her birth date and were able to get it on record. I’m so thankful for my fur baby!! I couldn’t love her more if she was a human friend or family member.


(this isn’t my pic, I found it on Google)


I hope your day is full of love and joy! ❤ 

Xoxo Kim ❤ 

7 thoughts on “My girl’s birthday! <3

    • Thank You so much!! She is an incredible girl and she had a great b-day!! ❤ Yes, love is a wonderful thing! Whether it's love for animals, humans, activities or all of life…love makes the world a better place! ❤ Thank You for reading and for commenting! I appreciate it!

  1. “When I Saw You I Fell in Love, and You Smiled Because You Knew”
    Often attributed to Willam Shakespeare, but actually penned by Italian librettist Arrigo Boito. I have loved this passage for years. Congratulations to you and Isis for recognizing each other’s smiles and mutual love. You’re both very lucky.

    • Thank You so much!! Yes, I have seen that quote attributed to Shakespeare but I never quite believed it. I’m certainly no Shakespeare expert at all but it just does not seem “Shakespeareian” to me so whenever I share it, I don’t put the real author because I don’t think I ever knew the original source. I remember looking it up but coming up with nothing. Thank You for clearing it up! I love the quote too!
      I’m so happy that Isis and me found each other and I wish all dogs and cats and other domesticated animals will find their loving forever families.
      Thank you very much for your comment! ❤

  2. Kim;
    “I can never ask for a better friend than my furlady! My furever friend! <3"?????
    Kim; If you will devote yourself completely towards your furlady Isis Summerjo; what about me???? I am not your friend??????
    Please hug tightly your furladay and say happy birthday on behalf of me.

    TO KIM;
    I hope your day is full of love and joy! ❤
    Wishing you all the best…
    Note: please do not forget to read my recent comment on your about page.

    • Aww yes you are definitely my friend! I have enough love to go around! And I definitely do not neglect my friendships with my human friends! I love people too! Thank You for being my friend! And thank you for commenting here! I will check out your comment on my other page soon! I’m not always notified when I receive comments so thanks for letting me know! I will get back to you shortly! ❤

  3. Kim;
    Thanks for considering worth of your friendship; and I too will always try to prove my worthness through my friendship.
    Thanks a lot for visiting, reading and thoughtful comment on my post.
    Your comment has given the new dimension to my post.
    Wishing you all the best………………….

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