30 Days of Photos – Day 10 {color me crazy}


Day 10 for the photo challenge is supposed to be a day for a specific color we choose. I chose tan. I was drinking iced coffee which is tan and also my dogs are tan (all except Prince Oscar, the shih tzu who is black & white <3] and so are a lot of their bones.

Prince Oscar


He is the cutest boy!He often acts like a grump, begs like crazy, and loves to snuggle. And he can be a bit snappy when he doesn’t like something. He never learned to walk up & down steps and has to be carried! lol He’s heavy for a shih tzu! I love him! ❤

My mom always laughs about how almost every dog we ever had is tan. She wants an unusual or interesting color but we never get one! Lol She loves their personalities and how cute they are and would never trade them for anything but she thinks tan is a bore. 
When our puppy, Woody was born last year, my mom was thrilled because he was brown and she was thinking finally a different color dog. Then he turned tan! Lol It's hilarious! 


Him when he was brown. ❤

My sister wants to write a book called “50 Shades of Tan” as a funny memoir about our life with tan dogs. 😀

This picture was taken the day before but I like it so I’m sharing it here now.

And here are my babies!


This pic was taken on Day 10 of the photo challenge. August 10th.

The other pics here were taken days before and after. 

Baby & Mommy ❤


Baby & Daddy ❤


I’m not drugged in this picture. Lol It’s after a busy night at work after little sleep the night before. That’s why I kind of have dark lines under my eyes with a sleepy look. Anyway, I was not trying to get a picture of myself but my dog. My dad and sister said her eyes looked horrible and really funny and creepy so I put my phone on “mirror”/ autoshoot to see and got a picture! Lol Luckily I don’t look terrible in the picture!  


And since we are on the topic of color:



Isn’t this amazing?! This is that picture at the top but I edited it with an app called Black & Color, which works very well for many pictures.

Want to participate in the 30 day photo challenge? You can check it out here!

And begin whenever you want! I’m having so much fun!! 

I hope your day/night is wonderful!<3

xoxo Kim 😀


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