30 Days of Photos – Day 11 – {It’s the attempt that counts} <3


Day 11 I was supposed to get a landscape/urbanscape/seascape picture but I wasn’t anywhere to get any good ones, just out running some errands with my mom while having a very severe migraine-like headache, triggered by my chronic pain condition(tmjd/tmd). I had to lay down for a while.  But I was still happy and the headache eventually let up after a quick rest, blueberry iced coffee, and a handful of Tylenol. Tylenol, which works wonders for me for regular pain, does nothing for these horrific headaches brought on by my condition, but sometimes it takes the edge off for certain pain before the pain begins to get severe or after the pain begins to end. But often only when I take like eight at once (which a doctor I used to have told me to stop because it is dangerous to the liver. But I can’t think of my liver and what may happen to it in the future when I’m in excruciating agony right now.) Not for all my tmjd related pain and not when it’s too bad already, but some. This headache was ending anyway and I took Tylenol to try to hasten the ending process. It seemed to work! Or could have merely been a coincidence! Who knows?! Or cares?! All that matters is it ended! I don’t usually take medicine because it doesn’t usually work. And Tylenol works the best when it does work. 

But I did get a couple pictures that I tried to come as close as possible to make constitute as a landscape or urbanscape photo. I don’t think I succeeded very well but trying (especially with one of the worst (migraine-like) headaches of my life) is success enough!! 

This was Tuesday, August 11th! It was a lovely rainy day. 















I won’t ever let a devestating headache or any pain stop me or hold me back. It won’t kill my inspiration, only inspire me more deeply.

Check out the photo challenge here!

Much love to you,

xoxo Kim 😀


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