30 Days of Photos – Day 12 – {build me up, buttercup <3}


Day 12, yesterday for me, August 12th, is the day for getting pictures of buildings.

My favorite buildings are in Center City, Philadelphia but I wasn’t there yesterday. So I will share a few I captured previously.

And one I got yesterday. The one above with the gorgeous blue sky. ❤

Buildings are my love. One of my favorite things to get pictures of!! I probably have like thousands. 

Yesterday as well as today, the sky was/is very vibrant blue dappled in big, fluffy, clouds! My very favorite kind of sky to look up to.

It's interesting because my favorite weather is gray, rainy, snowy, cold, cool, wintery, fall, with a chill in the air, dreary, barren…you know the weather that many/most seem to think is miserable and disgusting. But the sky is my favorite when I look up and it's an almost animated kind of blue with pearly white clouds drifting through the streaming golden sunlight. So beautiful. So inspiring.

Nothing brings me more alive. I feel a stirring  in me, a strange and beautiful pull, when I look around and up and see vivacious green trees, a blue, blue sky, golden beams of sun all around.



The Blue Cross building, one of my favorite buildings. I never been inside.









I hope you are having a sweet day/night! ❤


xoxo Kim ❤


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