A Beautiful Smile is Always in Style


“I saw you smile
And my mind could not erase the beauty of your face”
~ Richard Marx

Look at this! 

I’m not the political junkie I used to be and don’t write/talk much about politics anymore. I still find it interesting and it’s definitely important. Also, I’m not secretive about my views. If it comes up or whatever, I will gladly state whatever religious or political views I hold. Even knowing people may be offended. No matter what view we have, someone somewhere will be offended. Even if it’s the most loving opinion and even when it’s stated calmly.

But anyway I’m sharing this picture not for politics but the beauty of their faces so happy and laughing together. 


That’s the Catholic pope in the pic with our (U.S.) president. And he looks so beautiful as well. I’m not Catholic(although my mom insists that I am). And I’m not completely politically Liberal. But this picture warms my heart. They look so genuinely happy and sharing a feeling of togetherness.  

I’m not sharing this pic because of who they are as president and pope but for the beauty of it. I love to see them smile. ❤ 😀 

So cute! 

We need more & more genuine laughter & smiles in the world and this brings beams of sunlight into the world.


Another smile for you! 😀

For a moment, let’s forget all the disagreements, hostility, politics, arguments, debates…and bask in the beauty of smiles, love, & laughter.

And like I said, I don't agree with all their views but I love that this Catholic man seems so accepting and loving. He is against animosity for lgbtq people. Also, he supports forgiveness/understanding for abortion, divorce, and criminal activity. 

He is against abortion and criminal activity but he promotes love for girls who have abortions, abortion doctors, and criminals. I agree with him that they deserve love & compassion, not hostility, contempt, and cruelty even if we don't agree with their decisions. Everyone does something that someone else does not like.

They as the people they are, deserve only love, not negative judgment even if we insist on judging their actions. 

We can not like everything someone does but still love & accept the person as a whole. ❤

There's all kinds of stuff we can critiscize the two men above (and everyone!) for and that's ok. But there's also much good we can see in them. And that's even better!


Smile loves!

Lots of love to you. ❤

xoxo Kim


3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Smile is Always in Style

  1. You’re truly a pure and good spirit Kim! 😘 I love that you see the beauty in the world. I love that you can look beyond the crap, and notice what really matters. You’re a treasure! Love you doll! 💋💋💋

    • Thank You so much, Melanie!!! I’m so happy I found you on here! Your personality inspires me everyday! I know I told you before but you have the perfect combination of personality traits, firm and assertive, sweet, hilarious, loving, and outspoken and much more. Love you!! Hugs to you! ❤ 😀

      • I feel the same doll! 😘 You’re fabulous! 👍 💪 Keep on being your awesome self! Love you! 💋 ❤ 💜 💙 💖

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