You’ve got LOVE mail!! <3


“No stars are out tonight but we’re shining our own light.”

In the novel I previously wrote about, “The Last of Her Kind,” one character, a young woman, who I wrote about here,loves Mick Jagger and she heard that he was receiving “hate mail” so she decided to send him LOVE mail!

She writes this:

“I understand that you have received a lot of hate mail and even THREATS AGAINST YOUR LIFE. This has really freaked me out and has made me decide to write you LOVE MAIL every day. I don’t want you ever to forget that your true fans cherish and adore you and will always stand by you.” (pp. 170-1)

I just LOVE this concept! Not just sending someone love mail, that too, but bringing light and positivity into places where there is a lot of darkness and pain or negativity. It’s great to be positive in general but it’s especially important to bring light & love to places where it’s really lacking.

I love how this character decides to take action to bring love to a place that she knows needs more. She is kind enough to reach out and remind the man that people still love him. He may or may not need that reminder or even care about all the people who loathe or even love him. But it’s still good to see someone putting love out into the world. It’s the best we can do. ❤

If we see someone receiving unpleasant messages on social media, let’s make it a point to write that person positive or encouraging messages. If we meet or know someone who is hopeless, let’s attempt to bring some sense of hope to that person. Maybe it won’t work but maybe it will and at least the person will see someone cares. Let’s brighten a dark room with the light of our smiles. Bring our own sunshine to a rainy day. Send healing energy to someone sick or in pain.
Let’s remind people that for all the negative they encounter, there’s so much more positive.
Like the character in the book reminds Mick, while there’s so much hate directed at him, there’s also so much love.
Let’s focus more on the LOVE. ❤
Wherever we see that positivity, inspiration, light, or love is lacking, let’s bring our own to those places. ❤

And remember when someone unnecessarily criticizes us, writes us a rude message, doesn’t like us, wants to see us fall…there’s way more people who do like us and ones who would if they knew us. There’s more who want to bring us up and see us succeed. It’s sometimes easy to focus on the one or few unpleasant comments or remarks or experiences. But there’s more love in the world than negativity.

Also, as I mentioned in my other posts about this book, on pages 79-81, there is a r*pe scene in case you read the book and want to skip it.

And here’s a sweet song:

All I Need – Jack Wagner – mobile

All I Need – desktop

Lots & lots of LOVE & hugs to you, whoever you are, wherever you are!! 😀

Xoxo Kim ❤

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