We All Shine On


“Who in the hell d’you think you are?
A super star?
Well, right you are
Well we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun
Well we all shine on”

Last night I found it difficult to sleep, I kept twisting & turning and for some reason I was so unbearably hot. I put on two fans and the air conditioner and was still way too hot! My face was really hot and I felt all hot inside and just couldn’t get cool. My head was throbbing with migraine-like head pain and my vision has been so blurry. My chronic pain condition can do these things to me. Today was a busy day, I had plans to get up early and do stuff. It’s also Tara Day. Every month, on the 8th day, it’s Tara Day. She’s the female Buddha. So I went to the center for the chanting to her, then to the usual Thursday meditation class.
Tara is to remind us that a woman can accomplish things as well as a man (even better! Lol jk! ;-D ) 
 I knew I would be too exhausted to get up early today and it was disappointing. With my throbbing head and very little sleep, I wasn’t even sure how I would get out the door for the Tara chanting and meditation. But I did! 
I got out of bed at 5:00AM after no sleep and looked out the window. I was already joyful, even with a throbbing head and my disappointment. But when I looked out the window at the dark sky, my joy deepened. I saw faded white clouds and a beautiful moon with a star close to it! Then I looked to the other side and saw a sky full of stars! All twinkling for us all!
I’m happy for my little sleep because I wouldn’t have gotten up to see the sky! Well worth it. So much joy surging through me then & now.
What a happy girl I am!
I even got a picture! My phone camera usually can’t reach the stars and the moon doesn’t usually look good in my pics. But the moon looks so cute, a little crescent moon! 😀 And a sweet star!  
I won’t let my pain stop me too long or hold me back too much. I feel so connected to the world around me, when I look up to the night sky and moon, I feel as one with it.

I came upon this song tonight sung by John Lennon. I used to hear it often. It’s perfect for my post tonight! 

Instant Karma – mobile

Instant Karma – desktop

Here is Tara’s mantra:


And this is one of the praises of Tara:

“Homage to you whose face is like
One hundred autumn moons gathered
And blazes with the dazzling light
Of a thousand constellations.”

Isn’t this just beautiful!

Remember to keep shining your light into the world!  
And remember, just like that moon and that star up in that dark, dark sky, your light is vibrant enough to shine and even in the blackest places.
Keep going even when you don’t feel like it. You can rest but always get back up!!


Much love to you! 😀

And Happy Tara Day! 

Xoxo Kim

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