Arachne <3


When I woke up yesterday morning I did not want to get out of bed. I was warm and cozy and sleepy. My dogs did not want me to get up either. But I had to get up for work. I laid in bed for a while longer drifting back to sleep, and my fan was on because it’s back to feeling like Summer here again. In November! Above my fan a spider was dangling on a strand of his/her web coming off the ceiling. What a blessing to wake up to! S/he was moving closer & closer to the fan until s/he was looking like she was going to go right inside. I jumped up quickly to turn off the fan so the little darling wouldn’t be slashed by the blades. 

I was up later than I should have been and after the shower and all I left the house, letting the spider be. When I came home that night, the spider was on my lamp now, building a beautiful spider web around the shade! I am so honored that s/he chose my room! S/he could have gone anywhere in the world! ❤


I don’t know how to tell if this sweet thing is a boy or a girl. 

I got some beautiful pictures! I wanted to get more and better ones but my phone camera kept going out of focus and the spider was afraid. S/he kept leaving quickly pulling her/himself up on her/his web. 

My phone camera isn’t always good at capturing small things.

I felt so connected to the spider and as one with the uni-verse as I watched her spin her web, it seemed almost miraculous. Such delicate beauty and intricacy. Simplicity but also complex.

It’s just awe inspiring.


The little beauty just hung upside down on her web. At first it scared me a bit because I thought maybe s/he was dead, hung herself on her own web or something but s/he was breathing and moving. Lol Silly little thing! And so cute! Just hanging upside down like that!  

Here are some pics:


“Rainbows, spiderwebs, sunsets…the world is full of wonder if only you look.”



“Nothing is insignificant.”. ~Samuel T. Coleridge



 “See the good all around you, even if you have to squint.”



“If I see a spider in my house, I put it in a cup, and then I take it outside. I save it. What is wrong with me?” ~Jacqueline Emerson

I do the same(after getting one million pictures!)! And there’s nothing wrong with us. Our compassion just extends to other forms of life than our own species and the cute little cuddly animals most people probably have compassion for.




And here are a couple pictures I got on my beautiful walk to work today! 




And while we’re on the topic of beautiful things, here’s me!


I am so blessed to live in a world with so much beauty and to have so much love & compassion for the life all around me! ❤

The Black Widow – Alice Cooper – mobile

The Black Widow – desktop

Love & hugs to you(and if you don't like hugs or don't want my hugs then just love to you!)! <333


Xoxo Kim 


2 thoughts on “Arachne <3

  1. What a coincidence – just last night when I was about to get into bed, a spider was suspended between the wall and my pillow! I wasn’t as thrilled as you were with yours, but promptly collected it and put it outside. 🙂

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