“Everywhere you look 
You can see yourself 
In different forms:
this is the Consciousness 
of Oneness.”

We can see our own self in others and the world around us. One idea of Oneness is that we are all alike in significant ways. We all want to avoid suffering (except maybe people who want to suffer feeling as if they deserve it or one form of suffering helps allay another form…). We all have goals, a life, a breath, a name, we gravitate toward things that bring pleasure or relief or calm and want to avoid things that provoke pain. 
This is an underlying trait that applies to us in general, a universal trait. 
We are One with each other and the uni-verse. 

I found this quote in my Kindle book “365 Wisdom Pills.”

It reminds me of this quote:

“Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something.”

This quote can inspire us to feel and act on compassion for others, knowing what it’s like to be afraid, to lose, and to love.


When we look around us at the trees, the stars, the sky, feel the breeze on our skin, smell the floral fragrances and scents of the Earth, hear the chirping of the birds & crickets, taste the raindrops and snowflakes on our tongues, feel the firmness of the ground beneath our feet or the softness of soil or grass, we can be reminded that we are part of the whole uni-verse, a small, beautiful part. We can see glimpses of ourself in all that we love, all the beauty surrounding us. 

I think that to truly understand Oneness, just like meditation, Zen, Tao, it must be experienced, not merely understood intellectually. 

Whenever we feel empathy for another or deep understanding, that is a glimpse of Oneness. When we feel a connection to mountains, trees, the sky, a sunset or sunrise, animals, the season, an ocean or a beach….that is a glimpse of Oneness. When we realize we are a small part of the uni-verse, not the whole of it, not the biggest part, not the most important part, that is a glimpse of Oneness. With meditation, mindfulness, contemplation, and other things, we can feel this Oneness more and more until it’s our general state. One simple way is to breathe and consciously focus on our breath. 

What is your concept of Oneness?
How do you experience it? 

You can just think about it or answer here!

Much love to you tonight & always! 

❤ 😀

Xoxo Kim 


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