Everyone Love Everyone

Beautiful! I completely agree! I see the looks some mothers of screaming kids get, like they are disgusting or something. How about instead we have compassion for the moms with kids screaming their heads off? They are usually doing the best they can! I don’t have kids but I understand it’s not always easy and not all kids listen even when they are disciplined. It must be so hard having to do everything they have to do with kids screaming hysterically on top of it! Let’s give them a warm smile instead of the dirty looks. How about saving some change and putting it aside in case we see a homeless person or someone in need? Every penny can help! How about not complaining or acting in a rude way to someone who gets in our way on the streets or on a crowded bus? We never know what that person may be enduring and one unkind act can add to it. But one loving act can make it even just a fraction better or a bit easier to endure. How about being patient with a frazzled cashier or server? It’s not always easy to be so busy with lines of people waiting to be served or get stuff rung up and we never know what problems the person may have going on. Every single day on our way to work, at work, on our way home, out in public, interacting with people, we have the chance or temptation to become distressed, act in a rude manner, complain, or the chance to smile at someone, practice patience, reach out our hand to help, to love…lets reach out in love..love is any kind gesture or any attempt to make things better for someone else…what a great reminder! ❤

Momentary Lapse Of Sanity


I am always trying to do good deeds:

I bought a girl her stuff at the dollar store.  She kept having to put stuff back, counting her change, it wasn’t for necessities either.  I didn’t judge her.  I had her get back her hat and everything she put back and I paid the balance for her.  I always try to smile, be happy and pay it forward.

I bought an elderly couple, potatoes, they told the lady they thought it was on sale and to put it back.  I told them to keep it on their bill and paid for it.

There was a child at Circle K that was buying candy and a soda.  I paid for it on my bill because I was first in line.  The smile on that child’s face priceless!

My children and I have given to many people on the corners.  Food, money, drinks…

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