Happy Thanksgiving

Beautiful, beautiful post!! ❤ 😀

Eliza Waters

IMG_8257Thanksgiving, celebrated this week here in the U.S., is a holiday during which we express gratitude for the harvest and the many blessings bestowed upon us during the previous year.

IMG_9345While most of us are quite fortunate, often we forget to give thanks for our good fortune and it is nice to have a holiday to draw our attention to it. Studies have shown that those who practice gratitude daily, through rituals such as journaling or prayer, are the happiest. So, what are you grateful for? Counting one’s blessings paves the way to greater abundance and happiness.

I am grateful to live in such a beautiful, rural town surrounded by forests. I walk out my door into a natural sanctuary filled with an abundance of plant and animal wildlife.

IMG_8864I have kind neighbors and I am grateful for the many services I enjoy, such as a plowed road in winter or a place to…

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