A few of my favorite things…<3


Today when I woke up I had the song  “My Favorite Things” stuck in my head! Lol Whaaatt?! It was playing in my head really loudly as I was waking up. I must have been dreaming about it. I don’t believe I heard it in years or even consciously thought of it.

My Favorite Things – Julie Andrews – mobile

Julie Andrews – desktop

Mary J. Blige – desktop

My Favorite Things – Mary J. Blige – mobile

It reminds me of Christmas even though it’s appropriate for all year. ❤

I realized how much I love the song after I woke up and listened to it this morning! It's full of joy, passion, and wisdom. When we are struggling or in a low mood, it really does help to remember a few of our favorite things. 

Some of her favorite things are: raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles, brown paper packages tied up with strings, girls in white dresses, door bells and sleigh bells….

I love all these things too! ❤

Here are some of my favorite things:

1.) a cup of hot tea

2.) snow covered hills

3.) a cool Summer breeze

4.) the holiday season 

5.) acts of kindness 

6.) the scent of pine on a crisp day

7.) puppy kisses 

8.) girls in stilettos

9.) soft, warm blankets at night 

10.) mystery thriller books

11.) the feeling of stepping out of a cold air conditioned room into a hot, sunny afternoon 

12.) beautiful dark poetry 

13.) photography 

14.) my long hair

15.) makeup

16.) seeing someone genuinely smiling & laughing 

17.) pleasant surprises 

18.) meeting people I never met before 

19.) sweet conversations with friends 

20.) intriguing conversations with a stranger 

21.) hugs

22.) the swirling of ceiling fans on a warm day

23.) the first days of Fall

24.) the floral fragrance of Spring 

25.) the sound of construction work off in the distance 

26.) the sound of people laughing outside late at night 

27.) the sound of cars sloshing through puddles on a rainy day

28.) kitty kats and other animals licking their paws and cleaning their faces

29.) Christmas lights and decorations 

30.) the changing of the seasons 

31.) Oldies songs 

32.) quiet afternoons and mornings with sunlight streaming through the windows 

33.) reading a thrilling book in the darkness in my room

34.) the taste of candy outside in cold weather 

35.) tall city buildings 

36.) a blue, blue sky speckled with fluffy white clouds 

37.) used bookstores 

38.) old books

39.) books that take place long ago

40.) books that take place in cold seasons 

41.) love 

42.) cupcakes with Buttercream frosting 

43.) rainy days 

44.) the sound of heavy rain pelting upon rooftops 

45.) tea with friends 

46.) Coca Cola 

47.) Christmas 

48.) Christmas songs 

49.) Halloween 

50.) hearing a song I haven't heard in ages (like this one!) 😀

51.) receiving packages in the mail 

52.) caramel apples with nuts

53.) meditation class

54.) positive people 

55.) dogs! 

56.) Christmas pj's

57.) trampolines!  

58.) warm sunny days 

59.)  cold dreary gray days 

60.) getting new books

61.) inspiring quotes 

62.) belly laughs that hurt 

63.) feeling flooded with relief & gratitude 

64.) shadows & reflections 

65.) a black midnight sky full of twinkling stars

66.) septa busses and trolleys

67.) iced tea

68.) old baby pictures! My mom happened to find baby pictures of me today on my first Christmas in 1986!

She was looking for something else and came across these! Which is fantastic since Christmas is a few days away!





This is me on Christmas morning, 1986, in my night clothes before I got changed into my little red dress my aunt Mariann bought me. ❤

I was kind of cute wasn't I? lol I was really big for seven months and had to wear toddler clothes already and my mom thought I was going to start needing special extra large sized diapers ordered. I needed jumbo diapers. lol Then when I got older, I slimmed down.


This is a bit more than a few and I can go on & on! It's so uplifting listing nothing but happy things! And so much easier and more pleasant than listing things I don't like!

What are a few of your favorite things?


I hope you're having a wonderful day/night!

Xoxo Kim  

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