A helpful tip for WordPress bloggers



A lot of people don’t realize this but if we have over 15 tags and categories (total) for an individual post, that post won’t show up in tags sections listed and less people are likely to see it.

I see people posting something with like 20 or more tags/categories in one post and I know they think this makes it so more people are likely to see it and so that it shows up in more tag sections. It makes sense to think that the more tags, the more attention it’s likely to receive or more it’s likely to be found by others. I used to assume that too until one day I read a post by WordPress. It simply said something like “too many” tags aren’t good but did not specify any numbers. Then a while later I saw a blogger write to another that 15 or less tags is good but anything more and it doesn’t show up. So I keep mine fifteen or less. Then recently I thought about it and how it would be helpful to tell others so I looked it up to see about it.

Here is what WordPress has to say:

“1. You are using too many categories or tags. In most cases, there’s no need to assign more than a handful of tags per post. If you use more than 15 tags and categories (total), your posts will not appear on tag pages (because you don’t want to see irrelevant content showing up there, and neither do we).”

(this is copied off of the link above. Check the link out; it’s really quite fascinating and has other helpful tips!)

I used to try to put as many relevant tags as I could and all different variations of the same word. I used to put “inspired” “inspiring” “inspiration” “inspirational’ “inspire” all for the same post.

Lmao what a waste! ;-D

I see others doing this as well.

Whenever I see people post like 50 (no seriously. I have counted up to fifty on a couple posts by different people and stopped there and there was still many more after fifty) tags/categories I want to tell them and help them out but I don’t because I fear it may come off as condescending or like unnecessary criticism even though it’s not criticism at all. But I want their posts to show up in the categories and tags they list.

So I’m posting it here in the hope that this may help people if they happen to see my post.

Up to fifteen tags/categories (total) is good. Anything more and it backfires and has the opposite effect of what we want. It doesn’t show up at all for those tags/categories we list.

So tags & categories together should be fifteen or less. I was confused at first if it means up to 15 of each but if I understand correctly, the total of both together should be fiftten or less.

I’m no expert. I’m just some woman who happened to stumble upon that WordPress post one day! ;-D Thankfully!

So go easy on those tags! Lol

Hugs & love,

Xoxo Kim ❤


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