Everything is beautiful <3


“Everything is beautiful
In its own way
Like a starry summer night
Or a snow covered winter’s day
Everybody’s beautiful
In their own way
Under God’s heaven
The world’s gonna find a way”

I love the message of this song. I don’t believe in any gods but the message is beautiful! It’s true there’s beauty in everything & everyone; we just have to open our minds and see, feel. And it’s true, if we open our minds to see beauty in everyone and everything, the world will find a way. ❤


“There is none so blind
Than is he who will not see
We must not close our minds
We must let our thoughts be free
For every hour that passes by
You know the world
Gets a little bit older
It’s time to realize
That beauty lies
In the eyes of the beholder”

“We shouldn’t care
About the length of his hair
Or the color of his skin
Don’t worry about
what shows from without
but the love that lives within
We’re gonna get it all together now
Everything gonna work out fine
Just take a little time
to look on the good side my friend
And straighten it out in your mind”

Get that mind focused on Metta.



Late last night, we actually got Snow here in Philadelphia! But it only snowed for a few minutes, not enough to collect on the ground but enough to collect on the windchimes and things on the ground, trash can lids…


My phone doesn’t often take good pictures in the dark. It was nearly 12:00AM and when I woke up in the morning, the sun was out and the snow was gone! It’s still freezing cold today though! And I’m seeing & feeling beauty everywhere!  



Thank you for the sweet messages on some of my posts! I will respond soon! I was without wifi most of the day at work and just got home. I always appreciate comments/messages & likes & shares!!! ❤ It was so cold at work so I had hot cocoa & tea!! yummy! :-p 😀

Everything is Beauty – Ray Stevens – mobile

Everything is Beautiful – desktop

Much love,

xoxo Kim


4 thoughts on “Everything is beautiful <3

  1. This reminds me of the scene in “American Beauty”, where the young man shares with Kevin Spacey’s daughter his video of a plastic bag blowing in an eddy of wind, and him extolling how beautiful it was. The beauty isn’t external – it is truly “in the eye of the beholder”. It is a great movie. Thanks for the reminder!

    • I just saw your comment now! Thank you!! I never saw that movie. That sounds like a beautiful scene! To see beauty in something so mundane or seemingly insignificant. Yes, it’s true, the beauty is within us, the wisdom, the capacity to see beauty in things is not in the things themselves but within the person. If we don’t see/feel it naturally, we can work to summon those feelings and practice until we are more mindful each day. It’s a great philosophical concept also! I will be sure to watch that movie this year since my word for the one word challenge is Beauty! That will be a great way to honor my chosen word! Thank you! 😀

      • “American Beauty” is a great film! It is a bit dark, but I really love it – probably one of my personal top 10 ever. Kevin Spacey plays a sort of anti-hero brilliantly, and the story is, to me, really compelling. Highly recommended!

      • I was telling my sister about this movie today and interestingly she just watched it last week! I had no idea! I would have watched it with her. I’ll have to order it again on the next cable bill. My sister and me have been running it up with the movies we keep ordering! Lol 😀

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