Forgive Yourself

Inspiring & thought provoking post! It feels so liberating just to read! ❤


The most important person to forgive is yourself.

Forgiving is hard. It requires you to let go of the pain of regrets, of wishing that things had gone differently, of wanting to change the past. When we are hurt by someone else’s actions, it seems strange that we need to forgive ourselves. The truth is though, that any time there is pain or regret involved, we need to forgive ourselves.

Whether we did anything wrong, part of the process of forgiving someone else is forgiving ourselves. Forgive yourself for whatever it is that you tell yourself you did wrong. Whether it was trusting someone or allowing someone to take advantage of you or being too kind and friendly or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, forgive yourself for that.

Forgive yourself for any mistakes you feel may have led you to this place of hurt and…

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