Sisterhood Award <3


So in my last award post I listed some blogs I love! Here I am listing a few more I love just as much!  I have been nominated for another award shortly after the lovely blog one, even before I prepared the first! I’m so thankful because I can nominate more people. I just took a list of all the blogs I could think of at the moment that I love ( I know there’s more I love just as much!) and took fifteen for the last one and seven for this! 
Choosing at least 22 isn’t hard at all because I have 22 and more that I love to read! 

This lovely lady here:

Nominated me for the Sisterhood award!!

Go check out her wonderful blog about all the joys she finds in life. A fun mixture of things like beauty, plants, recipes, her adorable kitties, and more! I love it!

Wow, I’m so honored to receive this award! 

This is a very late post! But better late than never, right?! ;-D

I’m assuming this one is just for the ladies? Lol So here are some more blogs I love, like I said before, in no certain order.

Some of the most beautiful poetry/song writing I have ever read! It’s not easy to find poetry this great! I love poetry that is beautifully dark and well written. I frequently try to find it but it’s rare that I do. I love poetry with fantastic imagery like this! To be able to write like this is a rare gift.

My favorite kind of poetry is not usually happy, sappy poetry. Lol But poetry that captures the darker aspects of life in a beautiful way and this lovely lady does just that!

Love this blog by a very confident lady!

A sweet girl with a very positive attitude about life!

A beautiful blog that is a tribute to a wonderful son by his beautiful mom. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful how she honors her son each day, remembering the happy moments with him while also expressing her unimaginable pain.  She does a great job keeping his memory alive and his light shining each day.

Another amazing blog about being a mommy but still staying true to yourself and your other passions by a wonderful lady! It’s a great thing to be able to find that balance of being a mommy and putting the kids first but still honoring your own dreams and passions outside of motherhood. It takes a strong woman to find and honor that balance!  

Howling With the Wolf

Amazing blog & amazing writing!

This is a beauty blog by a beautiful lady! It’s intended to inspire women to be the best we can be. I love her attitude and loving spirit!  

❤ ❤

Please check out these wonderful blogs, including

By these beautiful ladies!

❤ ❤

What made you want to start your blog?
What have you wanted to do on your blog but haven’t yet?
What is your biggest fear?
Name one item on your bucket list or more if you like.
What is/was best moments in life?
Have you made any New year resolutions this year? If so ,name one. If not why don’t you like them?
If you could host a challenge on your blog.What kind would it be?
What was the name of your first pet?
Do you ever go to a high school/old school reunion? Was it fun or not?
Do you have a pet peeve?

What made you want to start your blog?
I am deeply inspired almost everyday and always have been by the things and people I encounter, the books I read, the thoughts in my own head, my experiences and life lessons learned, but I struggle with severe depression and that experience in some way, even while often sapping my will to live, even deepened my general sense of wonder and I'm even better than I would be without it. So I decided a few years ago to keep a record of all the things that inspire me each day and share them to try to reach others and always have to look at whenever I want. I would share them a lot on Facebook as statuses and notes and things.  I tried to set up blog accounts before this but they weren't compatible with my phone which is how I mostly access the blog. I did not have a computer. And I like using my phone better anyway. I gave up but then a Facebook friend of mine encouraged me to try again to set up a blog or even write an ebook. I am so thankful! It's amazing what the encouragement of one person can do! It also reminds me what the cruelty of one person can do if we let it. Our messages and words and actions have an impact on others and the world around us. I think we mostly can all act in a cruel manner or a loving manner. I have been both, the loving one encouraging others and the cruel, vicious one trying to inflict pain on someone. But I only degrade myself when I do that. I also have been the target of love & compassion and the target of malicious intent, as are probably most of us at some point. And the people who targeted me with  malicious intent did not degrade me even when I felt they did. They only degraded themselves. We cannot truly degrade another no matter how hard we try. When we are vicious, we show who we are choosing to be in that moment, not who that person is. I'm mostly loving but I still have it in me to be less than loving sometimes and I think that goes for most of us. Lets put more love out into this world both in person and cyberspace. ❤ ❤ That's my goal with this blog, to put more love out into the world. 

What have you wanted to do on your blog but haven’t yet?

This is a fantastic question!

I love to read all kinds of things, including old fiction/literature and I would love to at least one day a week, take an old story and write about the life lessons it teaches or reminds me of. Many old stories and books can be found at no cost online and I have so many wonderful thick literature books. I find the thought so inspiring and overwhelming and maybe one day I will! I definitely often write about the things I read but I never yet made it an organized "thing" or feature on here. 

What is your biggest fear?

I don't usually dwell on my fears. I'm generally not someone who is anxious but one of my biggest fears was always closed in places like elevators and vaults and closed in rooms, especially while alone. I could never stand to close doors to small rooms.

I used to be so terrified of them but through my journey of healing my depression, I accidentally helped that fear get much better. It was like my biggest fear for many years, being in a small, enclosed place. I used to scream hysterically sometimes and throw myself on the floor even as a teenager if I ever had to go on an elevator! Embarrassing! Lol It used to embarrass my mom and dad and I laugh at it now. One day we were on one of those big glass elevators with a lady we did not know, when I was little and only for like a minute and I started pounding on the glass screaming hysterically let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Lol The lady just stared and my mom & dad couldn't get out of there fast enough. I laughed about it later that day. 

I never imagined it would be able to get better. It was usually only a problem to me when I had to be in or near a closed in place. I used to have dreams about being stuck in somewhere. When I was young I thought it meant that I'm weak and I felt like I was deeply flawed. 
Through meditation, Buddhism, positive thinking…I helped it so much and know I can survive anything now. The most fascinating thing about my situation is how I wasn't trying to help this condition. I was trying to heal my depression and learn to cope with my chronic headache that flares up to seemingly unbearable levels off and on. It never occurred to me that I can overcome this horrible fear of being closed in. 

I wrote about that a while ago here:

Name one item on your bucket list or more if you like.
I don't have an actual bucket list. I'm not much of a planner or big goal setter. I just go with the flow and am very laid back.
I have never been a perfectionist or very motivated in general.  I don't have a timetable or something like "I want to be married by age ____" or before I'm a certain age I have to have a certain job or whatever,…. I never have. I'm just a very simple girl.
I like to call myself simple-minded. Lol
My dad said that doesn't sound very good and that it's probably not a good idea to tell people that about myself but I like it that way.
I'm not boring (at least not to me) or dull but I am not complicated at all. I'm also passionate but not really a big dreamer or planner or anything. I'm inspired but often not motivated. It has its good and bad things about it. But I focus on the good more.

But I have a few things I would love to do.

I want a volunteer job helping people in some way. 

Also I would like a real job. Lol I love to work!

And learn more about photography! And get a real camera one day. But I also love my situation now, taking pics with no rules with just my phone. I love most of my pictures. It just would be so fun to also learn real rules and things and have more options to edit and take various kinds of photos. 

I would love to learn ballroom dancing.

What is/was best moments in life?
Like I sometimes say, I don't have just one but many days I have little moments that can be considered my best like drinking hot tea on a quiet day at work, reading a scary book in my dark room at night with my dogs, having sweet conversations with friends at a cafe or restaurant, watching a fun movie with my mom & sister, connecting with a stranger, blogging here, talking to online friends, a sweet meditation session, meeting people I have never met before….it doesn't just have to be big "memorable" things like vacations and holidays and weddings although those are very good too! 

You can read some things I wrote about simple moments here:

Have you made any New year resolutions this year? If so ,name one. If not why don’t you like them?
Just the one word challenge! 

Read about it here!

And I'm doing quite alright with it, I must say!


If you could host a challenge on your blog. What kind would it be?
Interesting! Maybe a 30 day challenge each day taking a picture of something that inspires us & posting it. 

What was the name of your first pet?
I don't remember the very first one because my mom and dad had pets when I was just born and before.
But I recall many I had since I was little like Wendy, Sandy, & Emily, three kitties!

Sandy was a boy but my mom thought he was a girl first so named him that. Lol I love those kitties and will always remember them. ❤

I had pets my whole life. It's interesting to think, ever since I was just an embryo or zygote or whatever until now, I never lived a day without a furry companion! 

Do you ever go to a high school/old school reunion? Was it fun or not?
No, I never even hear of any that I know of. I really wouldn't care to probably. Lol I love people and being around lots of them but this really doesn't interest me much for some reason. I always had friends in school and loved school and even miss it sometimes but I don't care much to go back really. 

Do you have a pet peeve?
Yeah, one is when people just start doing something they haven't ever before then they act like they're better than people who don't. 
Someone acting sanctimonious. 
Example: someone just starts going to a gym two days ago now acts like s/he's this big fitness freak and if you're not, you're just a slob.
Or someone becomes a vegetarian this morning and is now the healthiest or most compassionate person and all the meateaters are cruel barbarians or people destined to die of a heart attack because of the unhealthy meat eating. Or someone goes for the first dentist checkup  in ages and now is a big oral health freak and people who don't go for checkups are just nasty or don't care about themselves. Lol  I have seen all these exact examples before and more!  

This really irks me for some reason. 

There's nothing wrong with using our life lessons and discovered wisdom  to help remind or encourage others but we don't have to be stuck up about it. It's especially annoying when they just took on a new lifestyle yesterday and are now the experts and perfect moralists and in a position to judge the rest of us.  Eww Get over yourself already. Lol 

Well, this was a fun little survey! 😀

Even if you don't participate in awards, just know, I love you & your blog! ❤ 😀

Please, check out the lovely ladies above!! 

Much love,

Xoxo Kim 

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