New Magic <3


~Each day holds new magic~ ❤


I saw this quote today and it's a beautiful reminder to look for the beauty in each day when we don't see/feel it automatically.

There's always something to smile about! 😀

Love & light to you,


xoxo Kim

3 thoughts on “New Magic <3

  1. Kim, this is my “philosophy” in general. Life is so challenging yet when we get into the habit of focusing our eyes on BEAUTY, those challenges just melt away, not seemingly as huge as they once were. Thank YOU for the reminder. It’s not been easy for me to see Beauty lately. ❤

    • Yes, this is my life philosophy too and I love reminders! I love meeting people who operate on a similar vibration as me. It’s always great to have those soul friends! ❤ ❤ I understand what it's like to struggle sometimes and find it hard to see the beauty. But I keep reminding myself when I'm like that, that it always is here, sometimes we just have to look harder. That's one of my main goals here, to remind people to see the light. I'm wishing you much love & healing and hope things are getting easier for you. ❤ I very much appreciate your friendship!

      • You are such a Blessing to me, Kim. Thank you! Recovering from being so ill has left me high and dry in desert land, as I try so hard to get my footing back in Beauty. I must be going up a few levels and when I break free of this, you will hear me woop it up! This one is a tough egg to crack but knowing that there is MORE Light on the other side, makes me even more determined to accomplish what I must to get there!!! Much Love! ❤

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