So beautiful! ❤ Wonderful imagery. Every word speaks so much and is so profound. Perfect!

Everything I Never Told You


I’m sitting on a park bench
composing a poem to my
inner nobody.

Traveling via my mind
down a pathless path
to the past.

Knowing it’s never too late
for regret, not in poetry
or a bottle of gin.

The pines around me seem
to thicken with nostalgia.
The leaves rustle their complaints.

I find words in the half
conscious, morose stirrings
of all my yesteryears.

The distorted shadows
of faded summer afternoons.
The air thin there with
near perfect density.

Soon the light will leave me,
fading with dust and ash.

I’ll scale the music now,
while I still remember how
that old song went.

Then I’ll take my paper and pen
and walk off into the bruised wind,
knowing by tomorrow, the world
and the poet will brighten again.

-Tosha Michelle

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