time for a beatdown

No, jokes/rude comments about a woman’s weight are not ok. In my opinion. Whether it’s serious or in jest, it can be destructive and is just plain rude and uncalled for. A woman/girl may already be struggling with body image issues or an eating disorder and one dumbass comment can trigger/contribute to a potential  relapse or onset of a disorder. I get some rude/vulgar comments occasionally on Facebook about my body/weight. I am a very confident girl and am not personally offended for myself but for every woman. A degrading comment won’t taint my confidence or very positive body image but it’s still extremely uncalled for and if they talk like this to/about one woman then very likely they are about others. Would you want someone talking to your daughter this way? Your sister? Your mom? Your best friend?…..

A while ago on Facebook, someone told me I got thick like a thanksgiving turkey and wrote gobble gobble(i must admit I do find it a bit amusing). For all he knows I may be a woman with an eating disorder. I’m not but he doesn’t know that. And it’s an insult to every woman thin, overweight, average, athletic, muscular…to view even just one of us solely or mostly in terms of our body and compare us to food! To say a rude comment about my body is to insult every woman, everywhere.

He meant it as a compliment but I did not warmly receive it like I usually do when someone compliments me. 
Usually I look at the person’s intention even if it turns out to seem rude or less than pleasant. If the person meant well, I usually focus on that.
But all I saw here is his thoughtlessness.
Just like this “joke.” Maybe it was meant to be funny but it’s too thoughtless, in my opinion, to overlook it just because he meant to be funny.

And if someone doesn’t like how someone looks in public, the person can turn the other way. We don’t have to stop and stare!
What I wear on *MY* body has nothing to do with anyone else. If I’m too fat, too thin, too slobby, too old, too flabby, too whatever…they can look the other way. I will never encourage someone to not wear something because someone else doesn’t like it. 

Even if we know/think a girl won’t mind the remark, the point is, it’s just rude and pointless. 

I don’t even see how this can be considered a funny joke. 
And I am extremely hard to offend. I am very easy going and easily amused in general.
I let things slide easily. 
People have told me I should be more offended than I am over things.
But this is one of the things I think is good to address and not overlook. 
I agree with you completely. 
I would compliment/encourage the girl who is the target of the nonsense if I witnessed it while out & about. I want to bring more love into places where there isn’t enough. 
Then when she thinks back to that occasion, she won’t just remember the thoughtlessness/callousness of the person, she’ll remember the warmth and love shown to her by another. 
Beauty comes in all sizes, physiques, colors, personalities, traits, ages….<3

The Shameful Sheep

There are very few things in life that make me angry enough to want to rip somebody’s face off and and wear it as a diaper. Very few. Actually, I pride myself in knowing how to take a joke and rarely being offended by things. Well, yesterday I had one of those moments where a face-diaper almost became a real thing, generously coupled with a swift kick to the balls. (I was in a giving mood… what can I say?)

Guys… telling a woman she shouldn’t wear yoga pants in public because she’s overweight is something that should never happen. Especially when you follow it up with the fact that it’s nothing to do with how it makes her feel, but she shouldn’t wear them because it’s hurting YOUR eyes. I don’t care if you meant it as a joke or not. You’re a prick and fuck you. Seriously…

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