NOTW – The Power of Words..

Absolutely amazing nail polish idea! ❤ If you love to read and love having pretty nails, this is a fantastic idea!! 😀

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Hello everyone,

I have been seeing this look around and I just had to get on it. I actually used the horoscope section of the news so if your sign is one of the four I cut up than I have your reading right here! The Book I’m reading looks pretty intense as I look back at my photo some very powerful words there. It’s an intense scene.

For this nail look I used a white base, let that dry completely. Then I cut up the horoscope section of the paper into nail size strips. I soaked a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and gently wet the newsprint onto the nail. Carefully pull the paper off and viola newspaper nails. I can’t remember where I saw it first I really wanted to share because that individual had beautiful roses painted on it and they just looked…

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