Understanding <3


Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the wrong. Sometime in life you will have been all of these.” ~
Lloyd Shearer

This is true. Almost all of us have been young, will be or are old, have been wrong (both morally & incorrect), probably will be wrong again, are still learning and always will be, have good intentions and try our best, sometimes do not try our best, will fall and get back up, will need help, can help others, will be, have been or are weak in some ways…we are really not that different than each other. Chances are, whatever we are impatient or angry with someone else about, we have been or will be or at least have the potential to be that way or do that ourself. How about we look within, reflect, tap into our empathy and try hard to understand or see to a certain point how or why someone is or can be a certain way or do a certain thing…and show or feel compassion?

I have been guilty of negatively judging others sometimes, getting angry, not understanding or even trying to understand someone’s situation, lashing out, being selfish, seeking revenge….and probably will be guilty of some of these things again but generally I try to stay in tune with my empathy and ability to love and understand.

What a great reminder that can probably benefit most of us now & again. ❤

Much love to you, always…<3

xoxo Kim  

xoxo Kim


2 thoughts on “Understanding <3

    • Thank you!! What an inspiring song! It’s a great one to add to my universal love songs list. ❤ It reminds me of the thing I have listed on Facebook. Years ago someone, I don't remember who, listed on Facebook that I work at Peace, Love, & Understanding and Facebook asked me to confirm it. Usually when people list that I worked or work somewhere I don't, I don't confirm it but I love this so I confirmed it, now it has been listed on my account for years. ❤ It's a great way to live! 😀

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