“Why Do You Like Makeup So Much?”

Beautiful post! I completely agree that what is important is realizing our passion and going for it whether it’s in terms of a career, lifestyle, or a hobby just for fun. And not only that but encouraging others to do the same whether it’s something we are interested in or see value in or not.
And if it brings happiness out in us, it always has value as long as it’s not interfering with others.

I absolutely love makeup but I’m certainly no makeup expert and a career or even “advanced” or serious hobby in makeup isn’t for me. 
I just love to wear and apply makeup myself and don’t know much about it other than applying basic eye makeup and lipstick. And just that is so fun.
I can definitely see how many women (and even some men!) see it as a form of art and I strongly support their passion for it.
I sometimes love looking at beauty instagram accounts and reading beauty blogs and looking at the photos and even watching some tutorials that I most likely will never try myself. It just thrills me and fills me with a general sense of inspiration to see makeup, hair, nails and things like that.
There’s nothing more beautiful than a beautiful woman and not just physically but a woman with passion and character and confidence who knows what her passion is and pursues it while also encouraging others to do the same.
Makeup is not being fake or shallow or deceiving. It helps complement/enhance our beauty, playing up our natural beauty. We don’t need makeup to be beautiful but it’s not wrong to love it and take pleasure in using, buying, and looking at it.
It’s great to be so passionate and full of joy.

One of my greatest passions is photography, not as a career or anything but as a hobby just for fun. I’m not a photographer and don’t know much about it but taking pictures and editing them however I feel like is my passion along with looking at the photos of others who love photography/picture taking. People occasionally say the same to me, like why do I love taking pictures so much (especially ones they see as “pointless”) and that it’s deceiving to edit them and that it’s not creative because anyone can take a picture. But it’s not deceiving to edit (unless we lie and say it’s not edited, which I never do!), editing in creative ways is a big part of photography and it IS creative because we don’t all see things the same way and aren’t all drawn to the same objects/people/animals to take pics of. We all convey different things in different ways through our photos. It’s how we see things and portray them, not the equipment, that matters most. 
It’s the same with makeup. There are different ways to apply it, mix it, and express our own selves. It doesn’t take away our natural beauty; it adds to it. Even if we all wear the same makeup the same way, we’ll still look different than each other. We all have our own unique ways.
I think we should never feel pressured to have to explain our passions, careers, hobbies, lifestyles…to those committed to misunderstanding and negatively judging us and writing bitter comments. 
They are best, in my opinion, to just ignore. 
There’s no need to write rude comments to people just for the thrill of it. If we don’t like something or disagree with certain aspects or have suggestions and have constructive criticism and feel it’s truly necessary to express it, that’s one thing and can even be helpful but trying to drag others down is another. If we see something we don’t like, unless we have something we think is truly helpful or thought provoking to say, I think it’s best to just skip it than trying to insult, anger, annoy, or hurt someone.
When we try to degrade someone, we really only degrade ourselves and reveal who we are choosing to be at that moment. 
It won’t bring us up to drag someone else down.
I hope we will all vow to try to lift others, not try to degrade each other.
Every woman who has the courage to live how she wants and share her passion, beauty, and love with others, knowing she can and probably will at one point or another be criticized in a destructive or other way, is beautiful!  
❤ Thank you for this lovely post! It's so empowering!  


4 thoughts on ““Why Do You Like Makeup So Much?”

  1. Aw thank you so much hun for re-blogging this and for your beautiful words! It’s so refreshing to see this kind of support and positivity. 💜

  2. True, everyone is able to take a picture, but no one can see what you saw in that picture. You focused on the butterfly, I saw the half eaten leaf, someone else spotted a cocoon in the background. Photos are all about perspective I believe.
    So is makeup, I can’t do more than my eyes and lips either, but that doesn’t mean you make fun of someone who can. That’s bullying

    • Thank you for your kind words! Yes, I agree it’s all about perspective. Thank you for that example!
      Bullying is a serious problem these days and it’s not just an adolescent problem. Adults bully other adults on and offline. This is even more of a reason to put as much love out into the world as we can. Love can conquer the negativity. ❤

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