Magazine Inspiration <3


So it seems I found me a new hobby!


And it wasn’t exactly intentional.

And I’m going to share it here for all to join me!

I love magazines. I always have. Fashion magazines like ones full of hair and makeup, beautiful women, sexy men, and pretty things I will never have enough money to buy.

I used to spend an embarrassing amount of money on them when I was young and had more money. I blew over 60 dollars on magazines before! All in one night!  Seriously, I grabbed every magazine off the shelves. You read that correctly. Over SIXTY dollars. On fashion magazines. In one night. 

They used to be my very favorite things to buy  along with makeup.

Through the years I kind of lost my passionate interest in magazines because I came to find all kinds of stuff on the net where I can look at hair, makeup, gorgeous girls, sexy men, and lots of pretty things I’ll never have the money to buy.

But recently my love for those kinds of magazines has been rekindled. It’s ok, my sister gets free samples on the Internet and sometimes the library has them for free and sometimes my grandmom  gives us her old magazines so I won’t be splurging and blowing 60 dollars, I promise.  And the mags just have stuff I don’t find on the net. And flipping through magazines brings a different thrill than scrolling on a screen. 

Recently I found a magazine in our stacks of magazines with the girl, Amanda Seyfried, on the cover and I couldn’t resist. The girl is a true beauty, in & out. How can anyone resist her?

I skimmed trough the magazine to find her and instantly that joy I always felt as a girl & young woman, indulging in trashy magazines came flooding back to me.

My eyes devoured all the images and beauty across the pages. {my guilty pleasure}

And I remembered and felt what I felt all those years ago. 

I can’t help it. It sucked me in to the point of no return. So yeah. {thank you, Amanda for being so beautiful. 😉 } 

But something else caught my eyes.

There are so many inspiring words, sayings, and other things across the pages. Not just a bunch of pretty faces and bangin’ bodies and insanely expensive material things. Seriously, the prices of some of these things! It’s obscene! 
But a girl can look & dream! 

Much of the inspiring sayings are shallow in the context in which they are intended here. But they can have a deeper meaning and apply to life in general, not just the material world of commercialism & consumerism.

I took pics of the most inspiring things I encountered and decided to share them here.

Now my guilty pleasure doesn’t have to be so guilty! Lol ;-D

I vow to frequently look for deeper inspiration in all the shallowness & materialism & darkness.

Here goes it! 


Yes, let’s remember to not negatively judge others. Let’s get to know people first, give them a chance, the benefit of a doubt, assume the best until we get to know them and accept them even if we don’t like things about them. We can be judged too. No one is perfect in everyone’s eyes!
The only thing we really know for sure, basically, when we see a babe with tattoos is that the girl wanted a tattoo so she got one or many. And good for her! 😀


I love this! Not only is it a great reminder to be mindful and accept our circumstances. We are here (wherever here is: stuck in traffic, hectic day at work, in a painful phase of life, getting a full body massage, having tea with friends, basking in the daylight…)whether we like it or not, let’s make the most of it. But I find it so comforting for another reason. It’s a reminder to cherish this life. I’m here. So simply put. That’s all that truly matters. I’m here. In this life. Even if I’m not doing good, not very successful or anything, it’s ok. I’m here.


Everywhere we go. ❤ Scatter gems of love throughout each day.


If this isn't inspiring, well then, what is? 


I read a novel many years ago called "She's Come Undone," which I think may have been somewhat popular. I thought it meant something bad. And it is about a suicidal girl with depression. I thought she just lost it, crumbled, fell apart. Lol 

But I realized after reading it that "coming undone" in her case means all the pain and bad things falling apart, crumbling to ruin, to give way to healing and love and beauty. So in a way, she did fall apart and crumbled but only the depressed, victim part of her. The true beautiful her now has space to breathe, grow, and just be.

We can come undone to build ourselves up even better, stronger, wiser.

I don't remember much of the novel. It was ages ago but if I remember correctly (I don't know if I do…)there are some distressing scenes in the book including a rape scene and a suicide attempt. So if you check it out and you yourself have experienced any sort of trauma, I hope you'll be cautious because that can be a trigger for serious distress. ❤ ❤


"No matter how long we have been traveling down the wrong road, it's never too late to turn around and begin again as long as we're alive."


"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." ❤


Red is sexy. ❤


But it doesn't have to be. It's really very simple, we just insist on making in complicated. Let go, stop cherishing our own needs & desires above the ones of others, let's stop demanding things to be certain ways, accept life as it is, good, bad, ugly & beautiful, help it when we can, let go when we can't, breathe. Bask in the simple joys all around us. And just go with the flow. See?! It's simple! 



Sharing is caring. Sharing our stories, experiences, our stuff, our love, our time & company…<3


❤ ❤

This goal of finding beauty in the midst of something not so beautiful (these magazines are often shallow, seem to promote unhealthy lifestyles in some ways, are incredibly materialistic sometimes, often portray women in degrading ways…) can apply to all of life. We can find/create love & beauty in places there seems to be very little of it. We can choose to embrace the positive, no matter how few, things of situations, people, objects….instead of rejecting them because of the not so positive traits they also possess, instead of dwelling on or focusing more on the unpleasant. 

There are little gems of inspiration everywhere we look. 

All we have to do is be perceptive, remain open, and welcome things even if we wouldn't usually be open or welcoming to those things. 

I plan on sharing more magazine inspiration in the near future, maybe each week!  

Much love & light to you now & always!

Xoxo Kim 

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