My imagination


“Closed in a room, my imagination becomes the universe, and the rest of the world is missing out.” ~CJ

❤ 😀

xoxo Kim


5 thoughts on “My imagination

  1. Sometimes living like I do ,inside my head is unimaginable in excitement
    Other times my imagination is a ball and chain causing misery and pain
    When I imagine that you are not in my world,a lonesome,blue sadness settles around me
    I understand how Edward felt a thousand years ago when he planted a cross for his wife
    Every night he planted a cross as he carried her body home
    They were known as Eleanor’s Cross
    With three in existence today.

    • I can relate to you, my imagination too is often very beautiful and inspiring but sometimes can be dark and contribute to misery. Thank you so much for your comment! I always appreciate your messages/comments! ❤ 😀

  2. This is so true in my case. I have a vivid imagination and I often think up scenarios which seem crazy or fantastic. So many people look at me like I’m nuts when I start scribbling furiously in my notebook or typing into my mobile. 😅

    • It’s great to have a vivid imagination! It’s not easy to become bored with a very rich inner life! It’s amazing that you write down your thoughts and daydreams! Sometimes I do that in my memos section on my phone when I’m struck with inspiration, sometimes completely randomly. I just have an inspiring thought and am quick to record it so I can relate to your experience! 😀 Thank you so much sharing!

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