Best advice for dealing with facial wrinkles

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“stop standing so close to the mirror then you won’t see them!” 

lolz! ;-D


(sorry if you clicked open my post hoping to find some magic wrinkle solution….i have  nothing of that sort!) 😉

 I saw this recently and it’s really funny but also conveys a certain wisdom. 

It trivializes having wrinkles! But wrinkles ARE trivial! Lol

Like who cares?! 

And seriously though, wrinkles don’t hurt or anything, at least not physically, so out of sight, out of mind, right?!


Wrinkles are just part of aging and living is a good thing so having wrinkles is just a reminder of our blessing of life.

Many people are denied the gift of life. Sickness, accidents, homicide, heart attacks, ruptured brain aneurysms…all claim the lives of way too many each day… those people would have probably taken wrinkles any day over the fate they suffered. 

But we don’t have that choice. 

We can just have gratitude for what we have while we still have it. And forget what we cannot control.  

Also, I have a non life threatening and currently uncurable/mostly untreatable facial pain disorder, usually the pain is mild and not a problem but it flares up to seemingly unbearable levels sometimes, so wrinkles are the least of my concern! 

I’ll take the facial wrinkles over the facial pain any day! When we have a serious illness or pain, it puts things into a certain kind of perspective and we often come to see the triviality of things that once seemed important or are considered serious by many. 

My pain is near constant but only the mild kind. The moderate and severe and the unbearably severe are not constant and usually not long lasting. So the thing is, when the headache flares up to unbearable levels, I see how trivial everything truly is. Then I promise myself that when the pain lessens I will for sure never ever again complain about anything trivial. I’m not much of a complainer anyway but can’t honestly say I never complain or take things too seriously. 

But I always go back to getting used to not being in severe physical pain and forget my promise. Sometimes I remember out of nowhere what it’s like to be in that much pain (it’s like a severe toothache all over the side of my face and sometimes a severe burning sensation like being burned with scalding water and a hot poker driven through my eye socket, I imagine, and like electric shocks searing through my face and head – I don’t know how anyone can endure it but somehow we do) and just remembering reminds me to trivialize everything but in a good way. And each headache is a beautiful reminder. 

Wrinkles aren’t something I get all worked up over but other things I do sometimes like if I don’t get enough sleep or have a sinus cold and have dark circles around my eyes or my face breaks out (lack of sleep is a bitch like that! Lol).

But when my chronic headache flares up, it’s like it all goes out the window and I couldn’t care less about everything else.

While it’s unpleasant that it’s something so severe that does that to me, it’s also a great thing that I have that reminder.

Like now, I’m not in severe pain but just remembering this pain reminds me. 

And this funny suggestion above!  

I hope this puts a smile on your face! 😀

“And there are lines upon my face
From a lifetime of smiles
When the time comes to embrace
For one long last while
We can laugh about
How time really flies
We won’t say good-bye
Cause’ true love never dies…
You’ll always be beautiful in my eyes”

Beautiful in My Eyes – Joshua Kadison – mobile

Beautiful in My Eyes – desktop

Oh my! My heart just melts! ❤ ❤ Listen to/read those lyrics!!


And I hope you're having a lovely day or night wherever in the world you are!

Much love & light, 

Xoxo Kim 

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