Change and just the idea of it can be scary but it can also be thrilling and beautiful and we can focus more on that than the fear.
Your post reminds me of the song “You’ll Never Know” sung by Ringo Starr.
” with every dawn everyday is full of chances
to find some good before it’s gone
you’ll never know which way a day is gonna take you
there’s always some surprise that comes along to shake you
a simple rule of thumb that’s often been neglected
is take life as it comes expect the unexpected”
I share this song somewhat frequently because it’s so true, inspiring, and beautiful.
I love the changes of the seasons and weather.
This is a beautiful post and beautiful photos!

Eliza Waters

IMG_1386One thing we can always count on is change. Nature has taught me that nothing stands still. The way of living things is birth, growth, death and repurposing. Life is nothing more than a river of molecules passing through form. Forming and dissolving.

Dec2011 100After I posted a graceful ash tree next to a stream last Sunday, that afternoon, I chose to walk that same beautiful trail for my afternoon amble. I was struck by the ironic timing of my post when I came upon this development: IMG_1374

Clearly the combination of the stress crack (visible in the first photo), moisture, rot, freezing and thawing over many years, yielded to the high winds we recently experienced.

IMG_1373So yes, change again happens in the forest in way that is evident to the human eye. The life force continues. I will witness the elements dissolving this tree slowly back to the earth, microbes breaking it down to…

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