Dear Future Me <3


Since this is a post to me by me here is a pic of me! 😀

I have been nominated by the lovely Sonali at 

Howling With the Wolf:

To write a letter to me one year into the future!

Please check out her blog! She is a very sweet girl and an amazing writer with a passionate spirit.

I love when I’m nominated for things like this! (even though it sometimes takes me forever to get around to posting it! :-)) 

It kind of doesn’t really make sense to me to provide wisdom to my future self because my future self will (hopefully) be just as wise, and hopefully even wiser than my current self. Lol I realize that’s one of the blessings of getting older, we have all the wisdom we previously have and even more realized. 

So I will just remind myself in the future to cherish the memories of all the beauty I have encountered previously, to intentionally recall and often record simple but profound moments I have experienced. Many moments are easy to forget even if they are beautiful, inspiring, amazing. The simple moments that aren’t part of a holiday or vacation or other socially important event. Just everyday, simple occasions. 

I want to remind my future self to savor each cool breeze upon my skin in the Summers, cherish the warmth of cozy pj’s in Winter and the heat that surges through me while holding a steaming hot cup of cocoa or tea, I want to encourage me in the future to keep on taking photos of all the colorful beauty in Fall & Spring but remember to also live in the moment and truly feel the beauty, not just try to capture it in photos. It’s more important to experience. 

I encourage me to write down simple but profound occasions on ordinary days to always look back on and remember. 

Like the things I mention here:

reading a thrilling novel, drinking hot tea, basking in the beauty of the rain…

I want to inspire myself to keep letting go of old pain and creating more and more space for new beauty. 

I think the most important thing is to “remind” my future self to “live to the fullest” as the old cliche goes, making the most of each moment while holding onto all the pleasant memories and letting the not so pleasant ones inspire me to evolve and learn. In two, three, four, and more decades(i guess I’m planning to live a long while! Lol), I want to be able to think back to now and still remember some of the simple, beautiful moments I now experience. 

eighteenth 204(1)

I also want to remind myself that Life Is Beautiful

I often feel that way but when I get into severe depressed moods, I sometimes tend to forget it. And one thing that helps me keep hope alive is to remember that I once felt that way, that life is simply beautiful, and so have it in me to feel that way again.  

Sometimes the person who can inspire us the most is our own self! It’s great to be inspired by others, to be lifted and carried by their wisdom but sometimes it’s even greater to allow our own wisdom to inspire us. Always remember that if you once felt happy, alive, beautiful, peaceful, calm, even if only for a brief occasion, you CAN feel that way again. And even if you have never felt happy, you are alive and it’s never too late, there’s always hope as long as we are living and conscious or have the ability to be conscious if we aren’t currently.  

eighteenth 133(1)

My cover photo on Facebook says “Life is beautiful.” It’s the only cover photo I ever had and I intend to keep it that way. It’s true, life is beautiful. And when I seem to forget that, I look at my own cover photo (it’s not actually mine but one I found online) and remember that I felt that way when I set that photo as my cover photo and I am inspired to keep on living and loving. ❤

So, future self (and everyone else), always remember life is hope. If you felt it once, you can feel it again!  

And one last thing, Future Self, always remember to surrender to universal love, all encompassing love, love for everyone and everything, all sentient beings, life itself, the whole uni-verse…keep going, keep loving, always & forever!!

eighteenth 213(1)

I'm thankful to  be nominated for this and one reason is that it reminds me to better keep up with my one word journal. I have been doing great with my one word challenge, seeking and finding beauty and inspiration everywhere, sharing it with others, posting on the blog things that have to do with beauty…but I haven't been keeping up as much as I planned with the journal I have. But it's never too late to begin again! And this post is a great reminder! 

Here is my post on the one word challenge:

“This is the time to remember
Cause it will not last forever
These are the days
To hold on to
Cause we won’t
Although we’ll want to
This is the time
But the time is gonna change”

These Are the Times to Remember – Billy Joel – mobile

These Are the Times – desktop

Thank you, Sonali!

I'm supposed to nominate a few people but instead I would like to just invite anyone reading this to give it a try! 😀

Much love & light to you always,

Xoxo Kim 

4 thoughts on “Dear Future Me <3

  1. Sometimes the person who can inspire us the most is our own self! It’s great to be inspired by others, to be lifted and carried by their wisdom but sometimes it’s even greater to allow our own wisdom to inspire us.

    These lines are so profound. We forget to count ourselves when we count our friends when that is in fact the most important one. Thanks for participating😊

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