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Earth. <3

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I wrote this yesterday but it wouldn’t post so here it is today!


“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with yourhair.” – Khalil Gibran ❤

Here are some pics I took a few weeks ago.



This is a place close to where I live near stores like Rite Aid, Applebee’s, Wawa… people throw trash all around the fence quite frequently. They have been doing that for a while.
Some open up their car doors and just throw all kinds of shit all over the ground. 

Someone did that one day where I work recently, before I got there, threw all kinds of stuff on our pavement for me to have to clean up. Stuff out of the car like beer cans, broken sunglasses, chip bags, and so much more. How rude!

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It looks like someone doesn’t like it! Lol
I don’t know who wrote this but for a couple days in a row someone spray painted a couple of messages to the litterers. The messages do not seem to have a tone that is very kind. 


Something tells me the messages aren’t official government ones. I can’t imagine government officials would spray paint on a fence and call people idiots in public. It doesn’t seem very professional!  

Those messages have been washed off now. 

I wonder if the paint is environmental friendly. If not, it seems kind of hypocritical, wouldn’t you say? 

Trash all over isn’t good for our environment but certain kinds of paint are not either! 

Since it is able to wash off, it may not be detrimental. 
I also wonder who washed it off.


And here are some pretty pictures of the life blooming all around us this Spring!  

twelth 045

twelth 041

twelth 029

thirteenth 039

thirteenth 024(1)

My sweet boy, Emmy. ❤

thirteenth 016_1

I like the reminders about not littering. I have never been one to throw trash on the ground but I can probably be more conscious of our environment in other ways. I think many of us can.

We can read labels on cleaning supplies, makeup, and other things to check if they are healthy for the environment around us and check to see if the companies test on animals. 

We can be mindful of recycling and put things in the appropriate containers. Use less paper when we can (I hear it’s good for trees!), and so many other things. 

It’s not just about trends and being preachy moralists. It’s about being true to our home, our Earth who gives us life and sustains life. Earth is living, breathing and it’s up to us to take care of it as best as we can.

(but I don’t freak out on people who buy things I don’t buy, like things tested on animals. I’m not stuck up about it. 😉 )

I hope you are having a great day/night wherever you are! It’s a lovely breezey but warm Spring afternoon here in Philadelphia! There’s nothing much more inspiring than seeing all the beautiful colors and trees and flowers all around. (of course I’m at work so can’t see much of it right now except for a couple trees across the street! Good enough!)

😀 ❤

Xoxo Kim 


Change and just the idea of it can be scary but it can also be thrilling and beautiful and we can focus more on that than the fear.
Your post reminds me of the song “You’ll Never Know” sung by Ringo Starr.
” with every dawn everyday is full of chances
to find some good before it’s gone
you’ll never know which way a day is gonna take you
there’s always some surprise that comes along to shake you
a simple rule of thumb that’s often been neglected
is take life as it comes expect the unexpected”
I share this song somewhat frequently because it’s so true, inspiring, and beautiful.
I love the changes of the seasons and weather.
This is a beautiful post and beautiful photos!

Eliza Waters

IMG_1386One thing we can always count on is change. Nature has taught me that nothing stands still. The way of living things is birth, growth, death and repurposing. Life is nothing more than a river of molecules passing through form. Forming and dissolving.

Dec2011 100After I posted a graceful ash tree next to a stream last Sunday, that afternoon, I chose to walk that same beautiful trail for my afternoon amble. I was struck by the ironic timing of my post when I came upon this development: IMG_1374

Clearly the combination of the stress crack (visible in the first photo), moisture, rot, freezing and thawing over many years, yielded to the high winds we recently experienced.

IMG_1373So yes, change again happens in the forest in way that is evident to the human eye. The life force continues. I will witness the elements dissolving this tree slowly back to the earth, microbes breaking it down to…

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Laundry, Earth Day and Meditation

This is simply beautiful! I love how you find so much beauty and pleasure in something that most seem to see as a chore or as now outdated. In my house, we don’t have a washer or dryer so we go to a laundromat but my sister doesn’t like her clothes to go in a dryer so my mom hangs hers out in the backyard. She sees it as a hassle though. Lol
It’s great that you keep up your sweet tradition in the face of all the changes and modern habits.
Many people just do what everyone else does just because it’s “the thing to do.”
I love the feelings of simplicity and bliss that your post provokes and how you incorporate a meditative practice into it. And these are beautiful photos!
Thank you for sharing! 😀 ❤

Eliza Waters

IMG_4356All my life, I’ve hung my laundry to dry on a clothesline when the temperature is 40F (4C) or higher. To some, it’s rather quaint and old-fashioned, but to me there is something reassuringly domestic about seeing clothes hung on a line, drying in the sun and flapping in the wind.

One can guess a bit about the people who live there; whether there are children or only adults, what they do for a living, maybe they dress finely or casually. It speaks of life in the current moment and fashion, a snapshot of their lives.

Pastels in Sunlight Pastels in Summer Sunlight

When I was small, my mother washed clothes for nine of us and all those clothes were hung on the clothesline to dry. Breezy weather was best of course, things dried quickly. In winter, the laundry came in freeze-dried, stiff as boards and had to be beaten into softness.


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Best advice for dealing with facial wrinkles

thirdpics 012(1)_4

“stop standing so close to the mirror then you won’t see them!” 

lolz! ;-D


(sorry if you clicked open my post hoping to find some magic wrinkle solution….i have  nothing of that sort!) 😉

 I saw this recently and it’s really funny but also conveys a certain wisdom. 

It trivializes having wrinkles! But wrinkles ARE trivial! Lol

Like who cares?! 

And seriously though, wrinkles don’t hurt or anything, at least not physically, so out of sight, out of mind, right?!


Wrinkles are just part of aging and living is a good thing so having wrinkles is just a reminder of our blessing of life.

Many people are denied the gift of life. Sickness, accidents, homicide, heart attacks, ruptured brain aneurysms…all claim the lives of way too many each day… those people would have probably taken wrinkles any day over the fate they suffered. 

But we don’t have that choice. 

We can just have gratitude for what we have while we still have it. And forget what we cannot control.  

Also, I have a non life threatening and currently uncurable/mostly untreatable facial pain disorder, usually the pain is mild and not a problem but it flares up to seemingly unbearable levels sometimes, so wrinkles are the least of my concern! 

I’ll take the facial wrinkles over the facial pain any day! When we have a serious illness or pain, it puts things into a certain kind of perspective and we often come to see the triviality of things that once seemed important or are considered serious by many. 

My pain is near constant but only the mild kind. The moderate and severe and the unbearably severe are not constant and usually not long lasting. So the thing is, when the headache flares up to unbearable levels, I see how trivial everything truly is. Then I promise myself that when the pain lessens I will for sure never ever again complain about anything trivial. I’m not much of a complainer anyway but can’t honestly say I never complain or take things too seriously. 

But I always go back to getting used to not being in severe physical pain and forget my promise. Sometimes I remember out of nowhere what it’s like to be in that much pain (it’s like a severe toothache all over the side of my face and sometimes a severe burning sensation like being burned with scalding water and a hot poker driven through my eye socket, I imagine, and like electric shocks searing through my face and head – I don’t know how anyone can endure it but somehow we do) and just remembering reminds me to trivialize everything but in a good way. And each headache is a beautiful reminder. 

Wrinkles aren’t something I get all worked up over but other things I do sometimes like if I don’t get enough sleep or have a sinus cold and have dark circles around my eyes or my face breaks out (lack of sleep is a bitch like that! Lol).

But when my chronic headache flares up, it’s like it all goes out the window and I couldn’t care less about everything else.

While it’s unpleasant that it’s something so severe that does that to me, it’s also a great thing that I have that reminder.

Like now, I’m not in severe pain but just remembering this pain reminds me. 

And this funny suggestion above!  

I hope this puts a smile on your face! 😀

“And there are lines upon my face
From a lifetime of smiles
When the time comes to embrace
For one long last while
We can laugh about
How time really flies
We won’t say good-bye
Cause’ true love never dies…
You’ll always be beautiful in my eyes”

Beautiful in My Eyes – Joshua Kadison – mobile

Beautiful in My Eyes – desktop

Oh my! My heart just melts! ❤ ❤ Listen to/read those lyrics!!


And I hope you're having a lovely day or night wherever in the world you are!

Much love & light, 

Xoxo Kim 

Magazine… Thursday???


I totally forgot about magazine Monday! (lol that name is so cheesy! When I come up with something more clever or creative, I will change it!) I remembered when I woke up Tuesday morning thinking it was Monday morning! What a disappointment!

For the last two or three weeks I have been sharing inspiring photos I take of things in magazines. I look for positive things in “trashy” or degrading magazines or things that I put my own inspiring spin on. I meant for it to be every Monday but this week I forgot!

So here instead is Magazine Thursday! lol! ;-D

Some of these I may have already shared but they are the only ones I have access to right now. I’m at work but I have no customers at this moment. I’m getting more organized and prepared and will share new ones Monday (if I remember…)!

So here we are:








Let’s drop all negative thoughts & habits. 😀


What an interesting perspective! I feel that it can be interpreted different ways. What’s your interpretation?


The magic words! ❤

Let's open our minds to welcome everything good. ❤


Love everywhere. ❤


Let every year be the year of magical thinking! ❤ 😀

Here is the first edition:


Much love & light to you now & always!

xoxo Kim