Hallelujah Chorus

Beautiful photos & words! I love the changing of the seasons and am so happy when Spring blossoms each year. It’s so beautiful with all the color and life around and the seemingly endless sunshine. It’s inspiring. I love being reminded of beginnings & rebirth. Thank You for sharing!! 😀 ❤

Eliza Waters

IMG_1675After a cold, dark winter of gray-brown dormancy, the earth barely breathing, waiting faithfully for renewal and warmth that certainly must come, spring starts slowly; then quickly, it becomes a rushing torrent of life. Brought on by moisture and warmth, the wild exuberance of shoots pushing out from beneath leaf mold, unfolding leaves and birdsong, it is the hallelujah chorus of spring.

IMG_1938I find the coming of spring such a joyous time for the soul. It is rebirth after death, redemption after a trial that has pulled energy from one’s core.

On a day like today, dry and sunny, not a cloud in the sky and the temperature in the low 70s, life seems just about perfect. I walk at least a foot off the ground, treading on air.

And speaking of air, it is so fresh, smelling of earth and newly formed oxygen flowing from the vivid green grass…

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