I absolutely love this!! First, true beauty is inner beauty, personality, but it’s also good to celebrate physical beauty (our own and each other’s) and beautiful women come in all sizes, big, small, thin, curvy, average, athletic, short, tall, medium, overweight, various skin colors, weight….our size and weight don’t define how beautiful we are, even physically. The culture we live in and individual people we encounter can really influence our opinion of ourselves if we let it so it’s important to be mindful of when we are allowing others/society to contribute to dragging ourselves down and choose to rise above. 
And the only opinion of our own beauty that really matters is our own. It’s true that if we feel so low about our physical appearance or other aspects of our self, someone else’s positive opinion may help us but it also may not.
If we feel very low about ourselves, someone else’s positive words may be sweet but do nothing for us.
And if we have unconditional love for ourselves, someone else’s and society’s opinions won’t touch us usually (although no matter how confident we are in general and no matter how great our self esteem, we can still have moments/days where we feel low, ugly, overweight, just blah…. it’s just part of living and is ok.) 
I’m so happy you found this quote and it helps you and so happy you shared it!
Sometimes the things people say to us directly when we’re struggling do not help us much even when it’s meant to but the things we happen to stumble upon on blogs and other social  media outlets can help tremendously. 
And I’m so happy you have a loving and encouraging man!
Not everyone can say that about the person they are romantically involved with or the people who surround them. You are blessed! ❤ 
Thank you so much for sharing this! It can take courage & strength to share our temporary or long term weaknesses or insecurities and it's worth it because it allows people to know us and love us better and to also inspire others who may have a similar issue. By sharing our problems and our strength, we can help empower others and our own selves. ❤
Thank you for sharing your inner & outer beauty with the world! ❤ 😀



“Beauty is in the way you hold yourself. It’s how you treat people. The way you love. It’s self acceptance. Beauty is in your soul. If you think you’re any more of a person because your face is nice you need a reality check”
Author unknown

I needed to read this today.

For the past couple weeks I have been feeling stronger physically, I’ve had more energy and my skin is killin’ it. Yesterday I stepped on a scale and all of that vanished.

I gained 12 pounds in 6 months. I’ve been walking an hour a day every day and exercising at least 3 times a week.

What the f? I came home and was almost in tears and when I told my man he said “…whatever you look great…” so many emotions went through my head anger, frustration and disappointment pooled in my belly until I realized how…

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