Beauty on the Beaches<3


(not my photo)

Today I woke up feeling nostalgic, remembering old friendships I have been blessed to know, schools I attended, long ago events…

There are some people I have been friends with or have known in various ways and do not want to be friends with or know again but still wish them the best and cherish those memories and experiences and am thankful for them, places I’m happy to have been but don’t want to go back, so many beautiful memories!

It’s bittersweet! More sweet though!

I was listening to songs on Youtube and found this scene out of the movie, Beaches. It’s one of my favorite movies! So breathtakingly beautiful & so sweet!

This scene is heartbreaking. But very beautiful and shows the depth of love the two girls have for one another. This is towards the end. You may not want to watch if you haven’t seen the movie and want to watch it first.

Beaches – Wind Beneath My Wings – mobile

Beaches – desktop

I love platonic friendship movies, songs, books, stories, both true and fiction. Friendship is one of the greatest blessings in life.

I don’t have many friends in person, especially female friends, and hope to one day have more.

I cherish the whole concept of friendship and think true friends are the greatest gifts.


The ending of the movie is gut-wrenching but there's so much beauty in it.

If you love sap and friendship and Bette Midler, I strongly recommend the movie!

Much love & light to you, always!

❀ πŸ˜€

xoxo Kim


2 thoughts on “Beauty on the Beaches<3

  1. I don’t have many friends either, but I dearly love the ones I do! I do believe that Platonic friendships are some of the best things to happen and they are people to be cherished!😊

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