Nectar of This moment


“Look past your thoughts, so you may drink the pure nectar of This Moment.” 

Interesting quote on mindfulness attributed to Rumi!

Thank you to those who wrote me messages! I always appreciate them and will respond soon!
Some people say we shouldn’t care about “likes,” comments, reblogs/shares, views….and I agree that it’s best not to count on them or feel low or stop posting if we don’t get many/any but it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate when we do get them! I am honored and encouraged when I even just get one “like,’ comment, share…! ❤ Thank you!!
I have a long weekend of work but will still be posting and getting to as many blogs/comments as I can and try to get to them all after the long weekend is over. I have a couple days of two shifts! But I don't mind! 
❤ 😀

Much love & light,
Xoxo Kim 

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