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Under the hat


“Push through anything that would stop you.”

The month of June is considered Headache Disorder Awareness Month and this organization “Putting Our Heads Together” has an Under the Hat project to bring awareness to chronic head pain. On June 25th we were supposed to upload pics to social media of ourselves wearing a hat.

Mine is late but better late than never! 😉

Here is a youtube video created by a girl named, Anna, about head pain and pushing through it.

This Day- mobile

This Day – desktop
So inspiring! ❤

I don’t have migraine headaches but have another chronic headache disorder which is generally mild but flares up to seemingly unbearable levels and can be debilitating. It’s the stuff nightmares are made of.
I can have four kinds of headaches resembling sinus headache(this is the kind I experience in general), tension headache (least painful), migraine headache (second most painful but to me, the most debilitating usually), and cluster headache(most agonizing), and other kinds of facial pain.

There’s no known cure and not much effective treatment. Pain pills aren’t always prescribed by doctors to those with chronic pain and don’t really work anyway. And even if they work for some pain, it’s unfortunate to have to either live in agony or live all drugged up.

While mine is generally mild and I’m not always in pain, some have debilitating pain everyday or most days.

It’s so difficult to have to endure.

But we can learn to cope with this pain when it flares up and live with happiness and joy anyway. 😀

Some people with cluster headaches try to invalidate the pain of those with migraine headaches. Cluster headaches are considered by some doctors to be the worst head pain known to medical science and one of the worst kinds of pain known to medical science. They hurt worse than kidney stones. People who have experienced broken bones and childbirth have said it hurts worse than that. I have had kidney stones myself and can say, it does hurt worse.
I haven’t experienced broken bones or childbirth myself so can’t say for me but by the descriptions it does seem to hurt worse.

It feels like a hot poker being driven through the eye socket, like being severely burned, like our nerves being tweezed. I heard it described as feeling like a jagged edged saw rubbing over the nerves.
Yes, it feels like the worst hell on Earth. But just because it feels worse than a migraine headache doesn’t mean migraine headaches are not terrible. They are also a living hell.
And if someone only ever felt migraine pain and not cluster pain, those people don’t have the cluster pain to compare it to so to them migraine head pain is the worst. But some have felt both kinds of pain and both are horrible.

I believe no one’s pain should be invalidated and all deserve compassion.

To me, the cluster head pain is so bad it like makes it seem in a way, that everything else I ever considered pain is obliterated after I discovered this kind of pain. And when it’s flaring up, almost nothing else in the world matters to me and I don’t have a care in the world except that pain. But anyone suffering in any way is worthy of empathy and compassion. ❤

My love & compassion go out to all with a chronic pain disorder.

And here is a song with funny lyrics:

Big Ass Headache – Justin Moore – mobile

Big Ass Headache – desktop

“I feel like I’ve been rode hard and hung up wet
Swallowed by a mule and crapped off a cliff
I drank enough whiskey to fill up a lake
Woke up this morning with a big ass headache
Y’all I ain’t kidding this son of a bitch hurts
Where the hell are my pants must be with my shirt
I still got my boots on but make no mistake
They can’t help me kick this big ass headache”



“because a migraine is NOT just a headache.”

Much love & light to you,

❤ 😀

xoxo Kim

Love for all <3


(not my photo)

Love for all irrespective of religious views, political views, skin color, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, weight, size, disability, mistakes made, occupation, species, political/voting decisions, country, nationality…..all lives matter. ❤

In just about every group we can think of there's those who are good and those who act in not so good ways. Every religion and political affiliation and racial group has people who are compassionate and loving and generous and empathetic and those who are murderers, criminals, extremists, those who hold prejudicial attitudes towards others. 

In every breed of dogs there are loving, gentle ones, and vicious ones who kill or would if they could or had the chance. 

In almost every profession, we have those who are cold and uncaring and in it for money or image and those who are truly caring and want to help. 

I don't care (in a negative way) which presidential candidate someone is voting for or what religion someone practices or believes in or none at all. It won't contribute to me loving the person less even if I disagree. While I have passionate views on some things, I can still love those with opposing views without feeling that my own are being compromised or that my sense of morality is being weakened.  

And we don't have to judge a whole group of people based on a few or even many in that group. Even if every single person in a group is "bad" except one, we don't have to judge that one based on all the rest. 

I wish love and inner peace for everyone. ❤

This is possible! We can have inner peace and true happiness no matter our circumstances/external factors. People who say universal love is a beautiful concept but not possible or practical probably don't understand the true concept. In its most basic form, it's wishing everyone the best no matter what. We can't all get the same job at an interview and won't all agree on things and some will be financially rich while others are homeless with next to nothing but true inner peace is about our attitude and positive decisions even if we have to "Fake it til you make it."

Even if we don't wish someone the best in that person's political endeavors because we have opposing views, or we don't wish the best on an interview because we want that job or hope our friend gets it instead of a stranger, we can still wish that person/s inner peace and true happiness in general.  We don't need the job to have inner peace and happiness. 

Also, I believe most of us on every side of an issue have good intentions even if we seem stupid or vicious to each other. On issues like gun control, abortion, political candidates….we see so much viciousness and passion being used in a negative way. But if we truly think about it, we may come to understand that most of us want the same thing, a happier, safer world, people/animals stop being killed, an end to the violence, more love, more compassion, more understanding, autonomy. We just have different ways on how to go about it.

We can keep our passionate views and stand our ground, stand strong and firm and speak up for and speak out against but still understand that on "the other side," their conviction is just as strong as ours and they too only want the best for us all. 

We can passionately disagree and debate but still keep loving.  

I want to promote love in various ways, "promote what we love instead of bashing what we hate."

Promote our side instead of bashing (constructive criticism is good) the other or those who promote it. ❤

~Love for all~

"…keep loving
Everything you touch, everyone you see
Will soon become, your family"

Keep Loving – Empty Hands – mobile

Keep Loving – desktop

Much love & light to you, always!!


Xoxo Kim 

Love Conquers All

So, so beautiful!! I love your furfamily! ❤
Love really is the answer and can conquer anything!  
Thank you for taking care of those in need. 
What a beautiful compassionate heart you have!  ❤

Heaven On Earth

LR -

Bella (white) was rescued by us in 2009
when she somehow managed to find us.
(Long story that is hard to believe!)
She was very badly abused, filthy,
and extremely ill.
For at least one year after being with us,
no one, including me,
could get near Bella without her screaming
in absolute terror.
Oh the sound of that screaming
still haunts me today!
No other cat could be with her
in her “special” room … our study
without her getting extremely upset
so this is where she has been eating
secure behind a closed door.
Presently, she is slowly accepting
her brothers and sisters
and has begun to interact with them.
Here she is seen sleeping with Karma (left)
who is contending with old age,
stomach issues, and bad arthritis
in his back legs and paws.
Seeing these two together put my Heart
right up in my throat and proves…

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Abandoned Dead


Sometimes the dead come back….

“July fourth, the fireworks are beautiful. Loud. Terrifying. I suppose it’s like life, love, sex, death.”

Recently I was looking through Amazon movies for Kindle and saw an amazing looking movie! It’s called “Abandoned Dead” and looks like the creepiest movie that ever did exist! I LOVE scary movies, especially supernatural thrillers! This movie does have supernatural overtones.

It’s considered a “B movie” like one that isn’t good, second rate, bad horror movie….and has terrible reviews! it got like two and a half stars out of like ten I think! :-O


The movie is about a young woman who is a security guard and suffers with a fear of nighttime and she’s asked to work the night shift at a creepy medical clinic she has never been to before. The girl doesn’t like being anywhere but home at night. She makes sure she only works day shifts. The clinic is located in a very bad neighborhood where there’s gangs and stabbings and shootings frequently. The medical clinic specializes is treating those afflicted with drug addiction. So there is breakins kind of frequently there because people who are addicted need a fix and in the clinic they have a drug used to help treat them.

The girl, Rachel, agrees to work the night shift to help out her coworker who needs off, even though she’s terrified of night. She has to work alone in the building that she has never been in before. Very bizarre things start happening. She hears whispers and someone saying her name now and again, strange phone calls occur, she hears someone whispering “he’s coming…,” and other strange occurrences.


Three people who worked at that very same clinic were murdered in the last two years, presumably by the same person. And nothing connects them but the fact that they all worked at that clinic at one point. A police detective is investigating the homicides late into the night but feels like he’s getting nowhere. They were all killed in a most gruesome way, in a similar fashion. And their hearts were taken out….while they were still conscious! They don’t show these scenes in the movie; we see the detective at his desk at night going over files and we hear his thinking voice. For the most part it’s not a gory, gruesome movie.

It is a strange, scary, fascinating movie! 

I read some of the reviews. I like reading reviews for movies and books but they usually don’t influence my decision to read/watch something or not.  If they are objective and say something I really don’t like then I may not watch/read it, like for example if it says the book or movie doesn’t have an ending and just cuts off. I don’t like when stories don’t have an ending. Even series, I prefer them to all be “stand-alones.” But I usually go through them to find more reviews similar to be sure instead of just going by one. 

Also, maybe when the reviews say there’s no plot or real story and just a bunch of scenes thrown together, I may not read/watch.

But if the reviews just say something like “this movie/book sucks” I’m most likely not going to listen. That’s subjective and just because one person or even thousands think a movie or book sucks, it doesn’t mean I will think so.

Anyway, this movie has some BAD reviews!
Some say that the main character isn’t really well developed, like we don’t know much about her.

I do prefer characters in movies and books to have substance and be well described by the writer. 

Some have said the camera lingers longer than necessary on the freaky scenes or something like that. 

Others have said that the end doesn’t make sense. 

I think someone said there’s not much of a plot.

Some admitted to not even watching the whole movie before writing an unpleasant review.

(I usually don’t think this is a good idea….at least watch/read to the end before criticizing! but there may be some exceptions though like maybe if the spelling, grammar, punctuation….is so horrible it can’t even be comprehended to get to the end…)

But I did not let any of these reviews deter me! 

I just had to see the movie!

So I bought it on Kindle and watched it two nights in a row!

I just love it! What a gem!


The only reviews out of those I mentioned here, that I agree with are the ones that  say the ending doesn’t make sense. It is difficult to interpret.

But after I watched the movie again, even before seeing the end again, I started to make more sense or it. It’s a great ending. A shocker and creative.  

I still don’t completely understand the entire thing. Maybe it’s meant to be that way? 

I did see a review saying it’s too slow, the movie. It’s only an hour and seventeen minutes long. It is kind of slow paced in a way but I love it. 

We do learn more about the girl and her traumatic past. And the movie does have a plot or storyline that makes sense for the most part. But there are some confusing scenes and things that are open to different interpretations it seems.

I like the music that plays throughout the movie, it seems somehow fitting. It’s not creepy but still perfect for certain scenes.  

I love the scenes where the police detective is running through the streets at night and strange things happen. I love the city lights and the feel of the night and his long tan trench coat. And the weird phone calls he receives whenever he runs past a public payphone.

“She isn’t safe….” in a weird voice! 

There’s something lonely and poetic and beautiful about the movie, something I can’t quite explain, especially about the parts with the detective. Something about him being alone and frustrated late into the night trying to catch a murderer to keep everyone safe. He wears a wedding ring but we never see him interact with a lover of his. 

The acting is good, the filming and directing all seem good. I’m not a movie critic though so don’t have the skills to truly judge the setup and all. But I still know bad acting and filming when I see it and this isn’t it! Then again, I’m very easy to please. It’s rare that I see a movie or eat food I don’t like! 

This though, is a fantastic movie! I love it!

Great job! 😀

The reason I’m sharing this movie here now is, the beautiful quote above! It’s out of this movie. We hear the detective thinking it along with other interesting things. 

I love the comparison with fireworks and life. Beautiful, terrifying, messy….

I don’t like fireworks, it’s true, they are loud and terrifying but beautiful. 

They are horrible and dangerous and traumatic for some, but seeing the colors bursting in the night sky, the sense of unity and celebration among those watching….is beautiful.

Something similar can be said of life itself and the situations we experience in this life. Even though it can be terrifying and disturbing, it’s still beautiful and there’s always something good to seize and embrace and cherish. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful and happy. 😀

Much love & light to you, always. ❤

Xoxo Kim 

Quotes of Encouragement

Very inspiring post!! A positive mindset is a great way to start each day and try to maintain throughout the day. It won’t solve all problems but it helps us better endure them. Even when we don’t feel positive at the moment, we can still choose to have positive thoughts. “Fake it til you make it!” And eventually this can help so we BEcome positive in general if we aren’t already or help us strengthen our already positive nature. Thank you for sharing these words of encouragement! 😀