Two kinds of beauty


“There are two types of beauty. The one that smacks you across the face and is plastered on magazine covers. And then there’s the type that grows on you. The one you don’t expect. The one that poets and authors write about, the eternal kind.”

This isn’t my photo. While, it’s great to appreciate both kinds of beauty, I agree that inner beauty is the deepest kind and more worthy of celebration. And not just the beauty of people but of all of life. Life is full of all kinds of beauty. My word this year for the one word challenge is beauty so this is a great quote for that!

I want to remind us all to live intentionally and consciously look for beautiful people & things everywhere! 😀

❤ 😀

Much love & light,

xoxo Kim


2 thoughts on “Two kinds of beauty

  1. I love the quote! Inner beauty is something that is often ignored, oh she looks too fat or she looks too thin, didn’t she do her makeup today, what’s with the haircut are somethings we hear everyday. We pay no attention to that person helping a blind man cross the road, saving a puppy from being attacked!

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